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The 5 best dressed managers in Serie A

There's the best offered by the coaches on the benches

The 5 best dressed managers in Serie A There's the best offered by the coaches on the benches

After listing the five worst dressed managers in Serie A, the time had come to replicate with a 'twin' article, a Top 5 of successful matches and outfits that exceed the sufficiency of some of the managers of our league. To tell the truth there is no one who during this season has managed to make himself the protagonist for wearing catwalk looks or for leaving a strong and original imprint, but there are only mens who reached to find our liking for simply dressed in a white Joachim Loew-style shirt or a pair of elegant shoes. From this point of view, we cannot fail to underline how much the Serie A still has something to learn from the other championships in terms of 'bench' look, a gap that many hope to fill with the arrival of Pep Guardiola.


Paulo Fonseca

For those who still remember the day when the Portuguese manager dressed as Zorro during a old press conference, at the time of Shakhtar Donetsk, the new AS Roma coach managed to stand out and without a doubt deserves the virtual prize of the best dressed coach of the league. Whether it's summer or winter, Fonseca always knows what to wear and how to combine it successfully.


Simone Inzaghi

On the other side of the Tiber there's Simone Inzaghi: the Lazio manager is who comes closest to the figure of English manager, with his suit and tie outfits always in white-black contrast as a bank officer. Pippo's brother does not dare much and does not make himself recognized for accessories, it is true, and it is impossible to see him in the technical suit.


Roberto D'Aversa

The Parma manager is confirming himself as one of the best young coaches in the league, also for the one he showed off on the bench: his are always sober, modern and elegant at the same time, without overdoing it. Yes, on the wrist there's an Apple Watch.


Rolando Maran

The looks of the Cagliari coach are mature and suitable for his age, at least they can differentiate themselves from his colleagues for one particular above all: he is the only one to wear the trench coat in Serie A.


Davide Nicola

Davide Nicola has just come back to Serie A, on the Genoa bench: his advantage is never to exaggerate with clothes, composing coherent and balanced outfits. To be clear, it's rare to see him with social suits but not even matching from high level managers.