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The Top 10 jerseys of the NBA All Star Game

The stars' challenge seen through its most iconic kits

The Top 10 jerseys of the NBA All Star Game The stars' challenge seen through its most iconic kits

Chicago All Star Game 2020 will be the third branded Jordan after adidas ten years partnership. In this article we wrote about the jerseys that the players of Team Giannis and team LeBron will wear at United Center: there are the traditional blue and read, to highlight the rivarly idea from a chromatic point of view; but there is also the attention to details (stripes, inserts, ''jumpman'' and NBA logo position) because of off the court wearability that must be taken into account during the design phase today.

Trough the years All Star Game jerseys subbed steady restyling, adapting sponsor needs and becoming not only a streetwear reference point but also a graphic representation of a certain NBA context: from the sobriety of the beginnings until 90s extravagancy up to futurist uniformity during 00s and 10s, if you wanted to identify the NBA ideal of style during a specific timeframe you have to look at All Star Game Jerseys.

Drawing up a top 10 of the most iconic jersey therefore becomes a sort of visual story of what the NBA has become today, remembering its evolution in terms of aesthetics, but also thanks to pills and stories that have distinguished the different editions.


#10 Los Angeles 2011

Probably adidas best interpretation about the new course of the Game: the ''East'' and ''West'' tridimensionality was perfect to dress players like Blake Griffin - that jumped over a car during Slam Dunk Contest -, LeBron James - that performed a 29 points, 10 rebound and 12 assists triple-double - and Kobe Bryant - 37 points and MVP title.


#9 Las Vegas 2007

A stylish semi-coursive writings were the main discontinuity element in the capital letters era. Almost a deliberate contraddiction with the lights, the colours and the excesses on the Strip.


#8 New York 2015

A typically newyorker tribute to the 1971 All Star Game, with big numbers printed on black or white jersey, finished with elegant red and blue edges. Perfect dressing code for Madison Square Garden: Russell Westbrook inked a 41 points performance, 27 in 11 minutes in the first half, all time NBA record.


#7 San Francisco 1967

That year, All Star Game jerseys were based on legendary San Francisco Warriors ''The City'': Golden Gate print was topped with number and bordered with stars for a wonderful results on both jerseys. Since then, a lot of All Star Game jerseys were based on the colours of the hosting city, like in 1972 in Los Angeles


#6 Richfield 1981

The principle was the same also in 1981 when the jerseys were based on design of Washington Bullets ''city edition'': red thick stripes on white or blue background, with lithographed numer bordered with growing stars top-to-bottom. Probably last great testing before the graphic uniformity that will sign the rest of the decade.


#5 Orlando 1992 

The ''wow effect'' of simple jersey - white or blue background with large numbers and writings - was guaranteed by the context of 1992 game in Orlando. The Magic city for Magic’s comeback, fans most voted player despite his first retirement announced in november because his seroposity: 25 points (9/12 FG), 5 rebounds, 9 assist and MVP title.


#4 Atlanta 2003

During his last All Star Game Michael Jordan was honored by Mariah Carey, that performed Hero wearing a look-like Wizards jersey dress, and by the NBA with a jersey inspired by the ones he wore during legendary ‘80s All Star Games.  


#3 Indianapolis 1985

A graphic representation of the first modern NBA ''golden age'', an apparent minimalism to simbolize the idea that with Magic, Bird, Micheal and the others a simple white or blue jersey was enough. Particularly that All Star Game was also known as ''Freeze-Out Game'' In that match Isiah Thomas ''boicotted'' Jordan to rule him out from the prizes: he will pay his disrespect pulling out of 1992 Dream Team.


#2 Phoenix 1995

Space Jam before Space Jam, cartoonish lettering and details on white or purple background and a cactus to remind that we were in Arizona. Hard to do better. Maybe…


#1 San Antonio 1996

Unless you get the perfection, the ''Miami Vice effect'' taken in Texas ten years later. Eccentricity became mainstream in the Jurassic Park Jersey era. And since that time, until 2003 edition, all stars will play sunday game with their own jerseys. Because perfection can’t be beaten.