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Incredible tattoos and where to find them

What are the worst tattoos we can see in a football game

Incredible tattoos and where to find them What are the worst tattoos we can see in a football game

''Beauty is in the eye of beholder'', especially when it comes to tattoos. There are those who tattoo a Maori, those of lotus flowers, who the name of the mother, there are those who mark Japanese designs for life, there are those who do it out of boredom and others out of fashion.

And then there is a world of its own, that of footballers: everything can be found here.

When you earn avalanches of money, you have no self-esteem problems and girls come to rivers, tattooing the first thing that comes to mind is nothing more than a formality. All choices that when you are 25 can be a source of pride, but that, when you reach 50, can only bring repentance.

Here are who, in our opinion, those who will repent in a little while:


Mariano Andujar

Argentine goalkeeper ex Catania and Naples, now among the posts of Estudiantes, Andujar has decided to get Kirk's "dignity" tattooed, who is not a contemporary artist, but a Simpsons character. In fact, in the sixth episode of the eighth season, the husband of the couple Van Houten tries to guess an incomprehensible doodle to his wife during a game of Pictionary. Design that will not be understood and that will cause the separation of the two. Here, Mariano got that doodle tattooed.


Dele Alli

Tottenham star whose full name is Bamidelle Jeremain Alli, wanted to pay homage to his childhood nickname which refers to the famous character of The Flinstones ''BamBam'' by tattooing it on his arm.


Amato Ciciretti

The Empoli player has so far not made himself known for his career, not for the Scudetto won with the Roma students in 2010 (who was still tattooed) but because he asked for 500 retweets to tattoo the Twitter logo; as you could imagine, retweets were more than expected and Ciciretti had the cute little bird tattooed.


Jay Bothroyd

37-year-old former striker of the English national team and Perugia, now at Consadole Sapporo in the first Japanese league, Jay sports a peaceful tattoo with the word LOVE. The letters that make up the word, however, are a gun, a hand grenade, a knife and a submachine gun.


Artur Boruc

The 39-year-old goalkeeper from Bournemouth has had a tattoo that is as goliardic as it is vulgar on his belly: it is a monkey bent at ninety degrees with the "back" facing the observer. The most absurd thing is that the navel corresponds to a hole...


Marcelo Brozovic

Another example of self-reference is the Inter midfielder who decides to tattoo the emoticon of his famous exultation on his hand. That same hand that he uses during the exultation. The exultation in the exultation. More and more epic.



The 23-year-old Manchester City goalkeeper wants us to know he has a happy life. Indeed, a Brazilian in England who earns almost 9 million Euros a year, how can he not be?


John Carew

The former Roma striker wanted to remind everyone how important "his life, his menstruation" are. An error that clearly has not gone unnoticed; the meaning he wanted to give was "my life, my rules" but, because of the wrong accents, the phrase completely changed its meaning. ''Ma vie, més règlès'' and not ''Ma vie, més régles'', John!


Eljero Elia

The former Juve winger wanted to celebrate the victory of the Dutch cup with a tattoo on his leg. But the 32-year-old (or his tattoo artist) must have gone too far with the celebrations given that both the name of the team, Feyenoord (become Fenenoord), and the date of the victory (24/05/2016 instead of 24/04/2016) they had been tattooed wrong.


Samuel Castillejo

In a television shot during Milan-Verona, with Samu Castillejo intent on rolling on the ground after a clash, on the back of the Milanese wing reads ''Mamihlapinatapai''. The definition would describe the act of "looking at each other, hoping that one of the two will try to do something that both sides want a lot to do but that nobody has the will to start". What Samu wanted to tell us remains a mystery.



Mark Clattenburg

Honorable mention not for a footballer but for a referee (who evidently wanted to be a footballer): after a 2016 full of successes, where he refereed both the Champions League final between Atletico and Real Madrid, and that of the European between France and Portugal, the English referee Mark Clattenburg has decided to tattoo the logos of the two competitions. Clattenburg, who in the past had difficult alcohol problems, was later recalled by UEFA who asked him to hide the tattoos during the matches, which is why the Englishman is forced to take the field with long-sleeved shirts.

We hope that none of the "delinquents" in the ranking will be a source of inspiration for the little ones.