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Nike launches the new U.S. Soccer kit

''States'' is the keyword of the new American jersey

Nike launches the new U.S. Soccer kit ''States'' is the keyword of the new American jersey

Through the soccer 2020 kit, the United States is trying, for the first time, to give a sense of national unity. Yes, because the word 'States' will be the new central element of the collection: we will find it on the back of the away shirt (and on the back of the socks), on the chest on the pre-match jacket and on the back of the training jersey.

The refined home kit is white, enhanced by the details; a circular blue collar turns into red and white stripes inspired by the American flag, while the design of the side band was created through laboratory studies on how the side aspect of the shirt is altered during the shooting movement: the strip seems jagged when the jersey is firm, but with the swing of the leg during football, it aligns completely. The Nike Futura logo (the USA will be the only national that will have this version of the Nike logo on its kits) appears on the left chest and on socks. The away kit, on the other hand, is a deep blue with bluer spots and brighter red tones than usual. The abstract motif on the shirt was hand-drawn by the Nike design team and refers to the infiltration of camouflage elements in high fashion.

The coat of arms of USA Soccer and all the coats of arms of the federation 2020, which following the player feedback have been lightened, will return to their tactile origins (with embossed embroidery) to give greater size and shine. Unfortunately, due to federal directives, the Futura coat of arms and logo will not appear on kits worn in Tokyo.

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Us? We’re from the STATES

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Nike's complete collection of United States is full of references to the country's love for multiple sports and to the care of cool. As for performance products, "States" will be highlighted on sports clothing.



To see the complete collection of USA teams we will have to wait a little longer, but stay updated to find out more.