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How much p***y would I have with O'Ney hair

What were the most iconic cuts of the Brazilian star

How much p***y would I have with O'Ney hair What were the most iconic cuts of the Brazilian star

Since 2009 Neymar, which is celebrating its 28th birthday today, has been the image man of Brazilian football and a source of inspiration for hundreds of thousands of children around the world.

We could pay homage to his 28 years of career through numbers and statistics, but the various ''what did he do?'' that previously referred to his plays, now have become the exclamations that come more natural when you go to his Instagram account.

In fact, already at the time of Santos, as soon as he left the favelas and when the golden ball seemed only a formality, O 'Ney took to the field with a pineapple on his head and a plaster on his nose. The same patch that he probably had to put at the end of each game considering all the beating he took. Later, probably realizing that he had gone too far, he decided to cut his hair. Yes, but only laterally replicating the Mohican style, increasing the desire, by the defenders already maddened by the tricks suffered, to chase and mow it.

At the time of the transfer to Catalunya, aware that he would have found himself alongside the various Messi, Iniesta and Xavi, he decided to give a clean cut and decidedly more in line with Josep Bartomeu's standards by starting again from ''from scratch''. It is therefore presented at the Camp Nou totally shaved.

But it was only a matter of time: his subsequent landing at Paris Saint Germain for 222 million Euros with the highest salary in the world were the justifications for starting again to ''comb his hair'' as he liked.

From this moment on, the new king of Paris has completely indulged himself, so much that the ironic comments about him have become too many, obvious and at some point superfluous. But not for Eric Cantona, one who has never spared when shooting zero. The French tweet in fact referred to the ''spaghetti'' with which Neymar presented himself at the 2018 World Cup in Russia after going through fake dreadlocks and dyes of different colors, up to the last found: pink.

But to constantly change the look, the Brazilian champion spends a real fortune: according to a report of the Catalan newspaper Sport, Neymar would spend at least € 2,000 a month for his hair. For us mere mortals it represents an astonishing sum, but considering his salary (just under € 37 million) it is more than an affordable figure. His barber, Wagner Tenorio, says it is money well spent, as a lot of work has to be done:

''When Neymar first arrived in Barcelona, his hair was in poor condition. He had made too many changes, both as regards the hairstyles and the various colors, which left his hair in poor condition. The first thing I did was cut his hair and start processing. Today she has silky hair''.

Then he concluded: "It is difficult to calculate the price of my work because this service is not available to everyone, but I do not do it for less than 2000 euros per month".

Granted that it is money well spent, what will the Paris striker's next gimmick be? Unfortunately we will have to wait until the return from the classic birthday injury.