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Dress like Zlatan Ibrahimoivc

A deep look into the wardrobe of the Swedish AC Milan champion

Dress like Zlatan Ibrahimoivc A deep look into the wardrobe of the Swedish AC Milan champion

Maybe it's because he lived for years in Paris and Milan and met Karl Lagerfeld, but in addition to tattoos, fishing, taekwondo and horses, fashion is one of the great passions of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, despite the friend/agent Mino Raiola at the beginning of his career advised him to leave branded clothes and focus more on casual, almost anonymous items. The Sweden, who a few years ago also founded his own brand (A-Z, from Amateur to Zlatan, failed in 2018), however, manages to make people talk about himself always, regardless of what he wears.

During the winter transfer market he returned to AC Milan and is again among the protagonists of the Serie A, at least on the pitch where he has already made himself noticed with goals and decisive plays, wearing Nike after having been linked to adidas for many years. In everyday life, however, Zlatan continues to prefer a sporty and inconspicuous style, almost never influenced by the fashions of the moment or linked to some top brand in particular. But despite this, we still managed to draw a stylistic overview of her outfit. As unique as he is.


A-Z tee 

And all other stuff of the A-Z brand, which as we said has recently closed its doors. A commercial experience that is not exactly positive for Ibra: the website store is now offline and the products are no longer available, unfortunately. But looking good you can still find some items for sale, such as on Depop for example.


Yellow hoodie by Peak Performance 

Ibrahimovic on his Instagram profile is almost always in sports clothes, in perfect continuity with his almost impeccable professional life. Among the items most recently worn there is certainly the yellow hoodie by Peak Performance, to be worn by choosing the largest size.


Novak Djokovic cap by UNIQLO

As a true Angeleno after the years spent in LA Zlatan has often been photographed with the Dodgers cap when he goes out to go fishing for marlin (!!!). Timeless classic, except that, as happened for all the football shirts worn in his career, Ibra had no difficulty in publicly wearing the Yankees too, but also that of his friend Novak Djokovic. A number 1 with the hat of another number 1.


adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Turtledove

Actually on Instagram there are more photos of Zlatan barefoot than with shoes, but there are very rare exceptions, such as when he went to the pitch built in Rosengård, the neighborhood where he started playing football in Malmö, with a pair of adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Turtledove.


Beauty case camo by Tom Ford 

It can happen to catch Ibrahimovic in a shirt, or even in an elegant suit: here he was at the time of the Los Angeles Galaxy with a cool beauty case. But unlike the vast majority of footballers who go around with the 'traditional' Louis Vuitton, Ibra chooses a Tom Ford model to stand out.


Padel raquet

We have not forgotten the padel, which has recently become more than a hobby but also a real business for the Swedish, which has recently inaugurated an indoor sports center in Sweden, the Padel Zenter, with the participation of the stars Fernando Belasteguín, Matías Díaz but especially former Manchester United team-mate Paul Pogba.