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Kyrie Irving wants Kobe Bryant in the new NBA logo

The Nets point guard joins the request for Mamba in place of Jerry West

Kyrie Irving wants Kobe Bryant in the new NBA logo The Nets point guard joins the request for Mamba in place of Jerry West


Kyrie Irving brings back in the spotlight one of the requests that quietly carry forward more than 3 million fans, the same ones who signed a petition to convince the NBA to insert Kobe Bryant in the official logo of the League. The Brooklyn Nets star's post went around the world and generated 1.2 million likes, bringing back the possibility of the Lakers legend replacing another Lakers legend like Jerry West in global interest. Kyrie's Instagram post is aimed not only at Kobe's iconicity, but also at Bryant's role as an African American. The "BLACK KINGS BUILT THE LEAGUE" caption is a clear and strong message that Irving sends out to the entire league.

Even if the petition will continue, even if ideas like Kyrie Irving's will return several times, the NBA will hardly replace the logo for a series of legal and above all commercial reasons.

It's useless to mention the level at which the death of Kobe Bryant surprised and shocked the sports world, and how all the news of this kind had the consequence of causing different immediate reactions: not only tears and Instagram posts but also concrete initiatives and personal celebrations of his sudden passing. In the NBA, a gesture as spontaneous as it was significant was to voluntarily scroll the 24-second stopwatch (it happened during the match between Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs), as well as to wear personalized sneakers in memory of the champion who made the history of the Lakers. AC Milan, one of Kobe's favorite football teams, will play the Coppa Italia match against Turin with a black arm on, while Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has declared that he will retire the number 24 from the Texan team, an initiative that may soon be followed by other NBA franchises. One of the best ways to celebrate his death, however, concerns the logo of the major American basketball league: the petition launched by an anonymous teenager named Nick M on a few hours ago quickly reached the quota of one and a half million of signatures and could seriously convince the rebranding of the current crest, which dates back to 1971.

What better character than Kobe Bryant could in fact represent the face of the new NBA generation? The current logo, of which many do not know the story, depicts the silhouette of another Los Angeles Lakers player, Jerry West, in a photo that appeared on the cover of Sports Review in the early 70s. The official design that should become the candidate to take the place of the old logo is not yet known, but in the meantime the proposal has been seriously considered by former players and major world celebrities such as Paul Pierce, Snoopp Dogg and Justin Bieber, but also by the same Jerry West, who is 81 years old and has repeatedly stated that he would favour the change of the logo

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