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The 5 worst dressed managers in Serie A

A horror escalation of embarassing outfits on the benches

The 5 worst dressed managers in Serie A A horror escalation of embarassing outfits on the benches

Squad tracksuit or elegant shirt? This is the question that puts every manager in front of a crossroad, and that influences their careers. A cross-section between two theories, two ways of being and appearing: some coaches appreciate more the tracksuit and feel good with it (like Marcelo Bielsa) because the game is a sport competition and not a business meeting; others coaches prefer a more ordered and responsible outfit, in harmony with a tournament like the Serie A. This division is reflected in the rivalries between managers, like that one between Maurizio Sarri and Massimiliano Allegri, continuedly compared because of their different style, as for the way of intending football, but also between Jurgen Klopp, a tracksuit lover, and a fashion victim like Pep Guardiola. There's a lot of everything in Serie A: here's the list of the five worst dressed managers in the Serie A.


Fabio Liverani

Lecce's manager must make peace with his style: his looks often vary all year long, but matchings are never right, even wearing a cardigan and a shirt or when he stratifies himself with sporty clothes. To not mention his outfits with shorts.


Stefano Pioli

Stefano Pioli always aims at elegance but he has two problems overall: he matches colours badly and doesn't know how to vary his outfits. His habit to match blazer and pullover is almost an obsession and costs him a place in this list.


Eugenio Corini

Definitely antiquated and out of context the style of the former manager of Brescia. An example: the combo shirt, tie and jumper. Maybe, Corini should try more often to wear a tracksuit, forgetting the elegant outfits.


Roberto De Zerbi

Sassuolo's manager has declared he totally took inspiration from Pep Guardiola, in fact, his look reminds of that one of the Spanish coach, despite it does so with very bad results. De Zerbi tries to look juvenile and trendy with some brave and dubious choices, but he's improving: he was wearing the C.P. Company goggle jacket on the occasion of the recent match against Roma and this is really appreciable.


Maurizio Sarri

Among the lots of questions that have regarded his transfer to Juventus, there was his stylistic 'adaptation'. In fact, in all his past experiences Maurizio Sarri was one of the pioneers of the gas man look, and although of a past in the bank, he doesn't feel good if he enters the pitch with a suit. Juventus tried to separate Sarri from his faithful tracksuit, but they gain only a delusional outcome.

"I wear tracksuit because I have a pitch work, it seems ridicolous to me to go in the pitch dressed for a wedding".