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Goleadors FC: the Milan team sponsored by Patta

Fashion in Milan is also in the football community

Goleadors FC: the Milan team sponsored by Patta Fashion in Milan is also in the football community

Fashion in Milan is influencing many aspects of culture, and from all these experiences it absorbs inspirations for its collections, in particular for the street brands, which in the last year and a half have created items inspired by vintage football shirts and terrace culture.
The trend was inaugurated by Patta, the Amsterdam-based brand that revisited Ajax Jersey and which in 2019 opened its first Milanese store. By combining two distinctive features of the city such as fashion and football, the Dutch brand and store thus began its journey among the city's football communities, creating a collaboration with Goleadors FC.
The result of the partnership is a fantastic shirt, inspired by the patterns of the historic Umbro jerseys, which lives in the suburban fields of Milan, carving out a space between the fog and the street scene.

#1 Unlike cities like London or Madrid, Milan does not have a third team that manages to steal the show from AC Milan and FC Inter. In this scenario, what is the role of football communities in the city? And in relation to fashion?

The football communities in Milan are beginning to play a very important role, Goleadors FC - as well as other teams in the city - is a lively reality that doesn't take itself too seriously, these values ​​are appreciated by fashion brands, both streetwear and luxury, always looking for new inspiration.

#2 Goleadors FC started a collaboration with PATTA, how was the project born?

Patta has always been linked to the world of football, in particular to Ajax, the team of the city, so we involved the store manager of the Milan store, Vincenzo Berlen, in our project, inviting him to play a few games with us. The group immediately liked it and immediately offered Patta a collaboration.

#3 Is it more important to win or have nice uniforms in the field?

Win by wearing nice uniforms!

#4 After that between Juventus and Palace what other collaborations between football and streetwear would you see well in the coming years?

It would be nice to see a street collaboration of one of the two Milan teams, I'd like to see a Carhartt x AC Milan jersey.

#5 What are the stereotypes of soccer players in Milan? Is there someone that drop to go to Fashion Week parties or to an aperitif on the Navigli?

Stereotypes are different, or at least in our team, I try to list a few:

- The great worker (who raises the GDP of Lombardy)
- The chronic latecomer (even if he has nothing to do, he arrives late)
- The Bank (the one who always anticipates money and never returns to him on time)
- During the FW many in the locker room drop to go to party (we can't do anything about it) 

#6 What is your relationship with Milan? Where do you go to celebrate victories?

We don't have a fixed place to party, we usually go to Panino Giusto in Pagano, or to Barona's oven, a MUST.

#7 Which is the most beautiful and ugliest field in which you played?

One of the most beautiful fields in which we played is Masseroni 2, the only flaw that does not have a stand for the fans but the mantle is something exceptional. For completeness, however, the most beautiful is St. Cecilia, the field in which we play home games.