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The 10 most important football jerseys of the decade 2010-2019

Not only in appearance, but also the abilities to link the football universe with the streetwear scene

The 10 most important football jerseys of the decade 2010-2019
Not only in appearance, but also the abilities to link the football universe with the streetwear scene
The 10 most important football jerseys of the decade 2010-2019 Not only in appearance, but also the abilities to link the football universe with the streetwear scene

More than for the sports results and the tournaments played, the decade that is about to end is to be remembered for the evolution of the football jersey: what for years has been an item exclusively linked to the sports scene, has gradually become the main connection between sport, fashion, music and culture. More frequent inspirations and collabs have definitively changed its concept, editing its meaning, making the jersey become a transversal garment to show off the football pitch, the new reference object for street culture. From a static to dynamic item, to be personalized and exhibited, to be revitalized in a different way. This is why among the ten most significant jerseys of the decade, nss sports doesn't think only about their physical appeal, but has chosen some jerseys which despite never having been worn by professional players, have nonetheless contributed to change our idea regarding match kits. So, here's nss sports ranking:


Juventus, adidas - 2019/2020

The new Juventus era after the 2017 rebranding also concerns the new home kit without the traditional black and white vertical stripes, those that have accompanied over a century the victories of an entire generations of supporters. Despite the legitimate skepticism generated by the first leaks circulated online concerning the half-white and half-black jacket divided by a thin pink line, the shirt currently worn by the Bianconeri is gradually convincing most of the huge Juventus fan base and even the most conservative part.



Ajax, Patta - 2017

Looking back and focusing strongly on the 90s vibes (and on the nostalgia effect too) was one of the great trends of the second part of the decade that is about to finish. In 2017, the Amsterdam based brand Patta was among the first, on the streetwear scene, to brush up on vintage shirts to create a new modern version, collaborating directly with Ajax: specifically there are two historic kits of the Dutch club from the beginning of the 90s, famous for their geometric and colored pattern.


US women's team, Nike - 2019

The jersey designed by Nike is to be considered one of the symbols of the recent exploit of the women's soccer movement and obviously of the triumph of the American female players at the recent French World Cup, and not by chance the white version worn during the final became the best-selling ever during a calendar year, including men's soccer. Inspired by that of 1999, the design of the kit was influenced by the Beaverton brand tests that opted for the V-neck, a wider fit and perfect long sleeves to adapt to the female body.



Les Vêtements de Football

Re-interpreting the football jersey giving it a second life: this is the main idea behind the experimental project of nss sports born in 2017 and soon became a world-wide trend able to combine soccer and fashion, tradition and freshness, old and new, reality and imagination. Only two years have passed since the first drop and the third chapter of this collection that also includes sustainability, The Remade Issue, has already been released.


Germany away, adidas - 2014

Among the memories relating to the 2014 Brazilian World Cup, there's not only the German triumph, but the away jersey with horizontal red and black stripes made by the historic official supplier of Die Mannschaft, adidas, inspired by the traditional Flamengo kit. Just with that shirt on, the team coached by Joachim Low played a game that became simply unforgettable, the 7-1 against the home team, Brazil, that quickly took the nickname of 'Mineirazo'.



France away, Nike - 2011

The title of World Champions arrived in 2018 is just the tip of the iceberg of the growth of the French movement, both football and cultural. One of the first examples of this mini aesthetic revolution is the 2011 away shirt, to which the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld also collaborated, inspired by the elegance of the "marinière", the dress of 19th century sailors. The jersey produced by Nike is also almost entirely made of fibers derived from recycled plastic.


Juventus, adidas x Palace - 2019/2020 

Worn on the pitch only in one occasion, the Juventus jersey created in collaboration with adidas but above all Palace marks the definitive consolidation of the union between football and streetwear on the European scene, but also its debut into the Italian one. An operation that includes the collection in which the fluorescent colors and the irregular pattern stand out, surprising but up to a certain point, if we consider the courage with which a top club like Juventus has exploited the new trends by acting as a real brand.



Nigeria, Nike - 2018

Presented just before the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the Nigeria shirt, and its relative off-pitch collection designed by Nike, have managed to reach hype's tips that are perhaps still unexplored thanks to the ability to summarize football, fashion and street style in a kit only. This restyling inspired by the 1994 jersey and designed for the future, wanted to pay tribute to the "Naija", the new brilliant Nigerian generation. Needless to say, it immediately went sold out everywhere.


Gosha Rubchinskiy x adidas, 2018

One of the first fashion brands who approached the world of football was the Russian one, to coincide with the World Cup scheduled in Russia in 2018. Gosha Rubchinskiy, completing a route already started for years with adidas football, succeeded to mix the post-Soviet rave culture and the street soul typical of the 90s in a capsule collection in which in addition to the match kits there are other items traditionally linked to the world of football such as scarves, sweatshirts and sneakers, complete with Cyrillic graphics.



Paris Saint-Germain, Jordan - 2018/2019 

If there's a club that in the last few years managed to establish itself more than all as a true fashion brand more than all others, and more than a simple football team, this is surely Paris Saint-Germain: in 2018 the French team already famous for the success of their collaborations was able to unite, through the jersey to worn in the European campaign, two worlds that seemed they could never meet: football and basketball, but also football and streetwear. All this thanks to the first historic release that marked Jordan's debut on the world football scene.