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What animal does Theo Hernandez look like?

The AC Milan left back through some reference to the world of nature (and not only)

What animal does Theo Hernandez look like? The AC Milan left back through some reference to the world of nature (and not only)

After a terrible start of the season, AC Milan in the last few gamedays seems to have found more stability: with the arrival of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the new scheme, three consecutive wins have arrived (one in the Coppa Italia), and in all and three there was the stamp of Theo Hernandez, who can be called the only true joy of the Rossoneri season. If it is the best full-back in Serie A it will be the numbers that determine it, even if for the moment the stats are on his side: he has already made 6 goals in the league, stealing from Kolarov (at least for the moment) the award of most prolific full back of the Serie A but above all that of AC Milan's top scorer of the season.

We are surprised not only of the Theo Hernandez's instinctive ability to find the way to score, but also everything else: for years (perhaps from the time of Serginho) on that side AC Milan had not had a full-back so fast and at the same time so associative. The former Real Madrid has speeded up a band that had atrophied in recent times, giving it new lifeblood: number 19 has a decidedly different timing, has a free run that seems to come directly from the animal world.


Watching him run around the pitch in the Rossoneri shirt is equivalent to watching a National Geographic documentary entirely dedicated to the species of left backs. The absolute protagonist is he, who with his disruptive step breaks the space in front of him and the playing times in two, leaving only the dust to the opposing players. Its strength in the legs has something animalistic about it that can perhaps be explained by referring precisely to the world of nature.

Many fans compare it to a TGV because of its half-French blood (it was born in Marseille), but we opted for the wildlife world: which animal does Theo Hernandez look like when he runs? 5 well-defined creatures from which the full-back may have been inspired, either because he saw them on TV, or because he played at home with friends.


#1  A horse bred by Thomas Shelby

The first animal association with Theo Hernandez is the equine one: is a pure beauty to watch the left-back galloping, he has incredible strength in the legs and an enviable resistance (with Bologna it continued to run even at 90'). With this physical structure, the number 19 could easily carry even a jockey on his shoulders and be equally decisive on the field.

Where he could have seen it: in one of the many episodes of Peaky Blinders, since looking at it in a jacket and tie version, with that hairstyle, it looks like one of that Birmingham there.


#2  The PUMA's puma

Because what matters is to be absolutely branded when you go out on the pitch. Theo on his wing snaps like a cat when he sees the prey, like a puma jumping from a red strip to a black strip, sponsoring AC Milan. It is worth photographing it in its natural habitat, be careful not to get too close to it: it could dribble over you.


#3 A bull in Pamplona

A quote from Italian singer Tommaso Paradiso, a tribute to Theo's Spanish origins? The one does not exclude the other, and if we add to this the extraordinary ease of Hernandez to make his way in front of him like a bull in Pamplona, in fact, the association is rather easy. When charging with your head down it's definitely difficult to stem. So, better stay away from him.



#4 The PES' ostrich

Eh, do you remember them? Theo seems to run on something bigger, which makes him fly low and fast on the left wing, a bipedal and surreal momentum just like that crazy mode inserted in the old PES games to which Theo will surely have tried it, like every players.


#5 A peregrine falcon

In this photo Theo assumes the classic peregrine falcon position when he flies down, only that the AC Milan full back has used this move to celebrate, not to hit someone. The way he attacks the opposing right wing, however, remains very rapacious. Then when he runs on the field he practically flies, so the comparison fits perfectly.