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Creativity on the pitch: Formidabile FC

The football community born from a Lambrate recreational club

Creativity on the pitch: Formidabile FC  The football community born from a Lambrate recreational club
In one of the symbolic districts of Milan Design Week, was born this year a football club that has many points in common with the creative soul of the city, with the design and competitive spirit of Milan. Formidable F.C. is one of the latest football communities born from the contamination of art, fashion, and sport, confirming how Milanese football, starting from AC Milan and Inter, suffers a lot from the city's creative soul.
Setting aside the noblest soul, Formidabile is, first of all, a club of the CSI championship, one in which respect must be given to it and the tackles are the rules. Being "formidabile" is a declaration of intent and a natural consequence of the union between genuine soccer and beautiful jerseys, which are born in a recreational club in the Lambrate district.
We talked about the project and Milan with president Fabio Lucarelli and the captain and coach Roberto Zampiero.
#1 The term "formidabile" comes from formido, "fear" in Latin, is it a hidden strategy to scare your opponents? Where does the team name come from? 
The club takes its name from Formidabile, our Head Quarter, opened by the president of the team Fabio Lucarelli and so-called primarily because he didn't want a conventional and banal name for his space. Formidabile is also a way to make perceive the formidable things that are born inside of it thanks to young creatives and people who collaborate and create each other.
#2 During the matches you wear a very nostalgic Umbro kit, a wonderful style choice. 
We do not believe that aesthetics comes first, even if it is an important part of a team's identity, before anything there is a great passion for football. Nostalgic and romantic instead we are, in fact also the choice of our colors (red and white) recalls the beginnings of Lanerossi Vicenza with Roberto Baggio and Paolo Rossi, as well as Umbro, who made the most beautiful uniforms of the 90s!
#3 Top 3 of the most beautiful soccer jerseys of all time?
Absolutely the Manchester City's blue jersey of 1991/1993, the one with the sponsor "Brother" and made iconic by the Gallagher brothers. The second (says Fabio Lucarelli) is the first Genoa jersey with the ducal crest of the griffin, last but not least, the blue jersey with the yellow stars with which Juventus won the last Champions League in 1996.
# 4 What is your relationship with the city of Milan and with the Lambrate district in particular, not the most "fashion" of the city?
It is true it is certainly not the most "fashion", but we particularly like it and it has been recognized for years as a center of art, culture and design. The Via Ventura for example, where the Formidable rises, is a center of great affluence during the Salone del Mobile, these are incredible days where realities of all kinds merge.

# 5 How important are the football communities for football in Milan?
They certainly have significant importance for the football movement. Milan has now become a metropolis of a thousand cultures, even strictly Italian ones; fashion is helping to bring people closer to this sport, creating a dialogue with the city thanks to realities like ours and the passion for vintage shirts and scarves.
Photo by ChillaxingROAD