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PUMA chose Helvetica font for Switzerland's new jersey

The best possible font for the Swiss team

PUMA chose Helvetica font for Switzerland's new jersey The best possible font for the Swiss team

On the occasion of the International break, PUMA, as well as adidas, took the opportunity to present the kits of some of its national teams involved in qualifying for the EURO 2020. Among these, the white Italian Away kit, which reinforces the concept inspired by the Renaissance, but also that of the Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland. The match of the National team of Ricardo Rodríguez, Granit Xhaka and Stephan Lichtsteiner against Georgia and Gibraltar were the occasions to see up close the new white design with geometric profiles inspired by the Alps and the new font, proposed by PUMA and different from the one adopted by the other teams sponsored by the German brand. PUMA has thought of a standard font for its national teams, which we had already talked about on the occasion of the launch of the green jersey of the Renaissance Kit. The only team with a personalized type font by numbers and names is Switzerland, for which PUMA has chosen to use a pillar of graphics, born in Switzerland in 1957: the Helvetica.

The choice of PUMA is very interesting and is what we would expect from a national team jersey. Helvetica is the Latin translation of the adjective "Swiss", a name also used on Swiss coins and stamps, which use "Helvetia" as a neutral term with respect to the four languages ​​spoken in the country.
The brand managed to fill the jersey with meaning, tradition and artistic inspiration, despite a font appreciated for its simplicity. With a choice maybe predictable, PUMA has succeeded in giving greater meaning to the inspiration of the art world, a concept developed only in a very partial and approximate way in the new kits presented by adidas. No matter that Helvetica or "Neue Haas Grotesk" is one of the most used fonts in contemporary graphics, inserted into the new meshes creates an elegant and coherent outfit. Among the most famous logos using Helvetica are those of The North Face, Microsoft, Jeep, Evian, BMW and even the "S" of the adidas logo, a setback to the historic rival.