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FC Thaurus: the first team of Milan's rap scene

The 7-a-side football team born from the partnership with DJ Shablo

FC Thaurus: the first team of Milan's rap scene The 7-a-side football team born from the partnership with DJ Shablo

Thaurus Live is the label founded by Shablo,  producer of some of the albums that have most marked the history of Italian rap in the last 20 years, from Roccia Music by Marracash to Il Ragazzo d'Oro by Guè Pequeno. In the horizon of contamination that is contemporary culture, and in a city like Milan, in full artistic excitement, the rap world has come to influence football, inspiring the birth of the amateur football club FC Thaurus.
From a group of friends, a football community was born with a direct link with Milan's creativity, compacted together with sport in its competitive and aesthetic aspects. The locker room has become an extension of the concept of the crew and also thanks to the results - 20 victories in 20 games last season - in less than two years FC Thaurus has established itself as one of the best crossover projects between football and pop culture.
nss have talked with Simone Pizzoccolo, who told us that you can do tiki-taka in Sunday league, that dissing also exists in football and that Milan still influences the way football is played in the city.

#1 How is FC Thaurus born?

FC Thaurus was born a year and a half ago, from the idea of ​​combining two great passions: music and football. Thaurus Live gave us the opportunity to use a name already known in the urban scene not only in Milan, so we were able in a short time to forge a collaboration with top brands like Iuter (who will take care of our sportswear line) and Euro Social Gang, to which we owe the design of our crest and our jersey. Not bad for a start.

#2 Should we expect a club's anthem with rap featuring?

Imagine an anthem with all the artists managed by Thaurus: it would be a dream. For us, music is very important and even if we don't have a hymn we chose a piece of Rkomi to give us the energy: Visti dall'Alto, from which we took the hashtag #infattisalgo, to underline how difficult and stimulating it is to start from the bottom and then seeing everything   from the top, and relive together the path taken.

# 3 What is your relationship with the city of Milan? How important are football communities in the city?
Milan is the city where all the members of FC Thaurus have grown, from players to management. We have a visceral, almost symbiotic relationship: we are here because it is not enough for us to play football, but we want to tell a story that is also that of Milan, that is of a vanguard city, open to the world and protagonist of urban underground fashion. Precisely for this reason we are interested in being able to tell our team as effectively as possible and by all possible means. The Milanese football community is growing, there is a great interest in 7-a-side football, in particular, the one proposed by the CSI, which unlike the other amateur championships is played mainly on Sunday, a not indifferent point if you want to give a certain tone to the matches. The level of the Excellence and Open A categories is great, full of players who for many reasons find themselves no longer able to play at 11 and therefore choose 7-a-side football. The CSI has for many years struggled to tell and to communicate, fortunately, today many amateur clubs have realized that working on media and social network (Instagram and Facebook) content is essential, and we work as well on identity on and off the field.

#4 Congratulations for the jersey, the black and the swoosh always have a certain charm. What is the best jersey of this season according to you?

Thanks, we wanted to keep the colors that characterize the Thaurus Live logo. As I said, Euro Social Gang designed the crest and together with them, we decided to use styling for an aggressive but elegant and simple pattern. I appreciate the third kit of Inter Milan in racing style and also the Juventus x adidas x Palace collaboration, a crazy gem. 

#5 The slogan of FC Thaurus is "ALEA IACTA EST", is it a declaration of war or does it have a precise meaning?

Alea Iacta Est is both a declaration of war (sports, of course) and a sentence with an important personal meaning, not only historical. The famous sentence of Giulio Cesare ("the die is cast" ed) represents the determination and the courage to undertake a new adventure by choosing to cross a point of no return. It is also the manifesto of our idea of ​​football that subordinates the logic of the result to the logic of beauty. In the field we are manic, we train twice a week, we take care of every single aspect of our game: we look for an expression that goes beyond the classic way of understanding soccer, which often prefers individualism.

We believe in the group, in the discipline of the group with respect to the individual and in the beauty that can generate a goal in which all seven players participate. We know the importance of the results, but believe me when I tell you that, despite never having lost in the league for a year now, I have seen sad faces in the locker room even after a two-three win to zero.

# 6 A question for lovers of the CSI championship: what is the heaviest dissing heard on a football field?

Every game is a continuous dissing with the opponent, but it never goes beyond the playing field. The slips, the screams, the cleats are part of the competition, I would even say that they constitute the very essence of the sports, but we are absolutely not the kind of team that needs a dissing to attract attention.