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nss shopping guide: 8 pre match jacket for the Autumn

The garment that you will wear everywhere in the coming cold months

nss shopping guide: 8 pre match jacket for the Autumn The garment that you will wear everywhere in the coming cold months

Autumn has begun a few days ago and we start thinking about the wardrobe update, taking a look at some of the warmer clothes to put on the t-shirt. There is a perfect garment for this time of year, seen on the soccer fields and increasingly contaminated by streetwear fashion: the pre-match jacket, the suit jacket worn when the players take the field for warm-up before the kick-off.

The pre-match jerseys, also called anthem jackets due to the fact that they also use the moment of the national anthems during the International matches, in the last few years they have acquired more and more importance from the brands, which seem to focus more and more based on the fantasies adopted by the match jerseys. The strongest attribute of these garments is certainly their personality: these jackets smell of asphalt, they are perfect alternatives to football shirts for soccer matches in winter on makeshift pitches and have that typical street bully. Among the most beautiful of the 2019/2020 season, here are the eight that must be bought immediately.


Manchester City, PUMA

Prize: 90 €
Where to buy: on the club's online store

It's the version used for the away matches of Manchester City. It's pink on the sleeves, the sides, and the back and it's characterized by the PUMA template used for other clubs sponsored by the German brand, like Milan and Valencia. The theme stands out grey and black here, striating the pink background to obtain an amazing result, completed by the PUMA logo on the top right and by the club crest on the other side. 


Paris Saint-Germain, Nike

Prize: 86 €
Where to buy: on 

Used with the new third kit, PSG's pre-match jacket deserved a place in the Top 8. Dyed cream white, the jacket contains a few details, but remarkable: two stripes on the shoulders (red to the left, blue to the right), the PSG crest in relief black on white on the top left and the Nike Sportswear logo dyed red on the opposite side.


Nantes, New Balance

Prize: 80 €
Where to buy: on the club's online store

Maybe it's simply because of the American technical supplier that the Nantes anthem jacket, the big surprise of these first two months of Ligue 1, is part of that category of pre-match jackets that clearly take a cue from the US bomber jackets. White with yellow collar and cuffs, the jacket presents the American brand logo and the club crest dyed green on the sides of the chest.


Ajax, adidas

Prize: 79,95 €
Where to buy: on the club's online store

The adidas template for the pre-match jackets isn't really cool this year, despite this Ajax's anthem jacket shows off how with an intelligent use of the colors it's possible to create something interesting. The German brand three stripes are green, like the accents on the collar, the horizontal stripe that starts from the shoulders to cross the chest, while the crest, the main sponsor and the adidas logo are orange: so the pre-match jacket of the Dutch become attractive.


Club América, Nike

Prize: 80 €
Where to buy: on the Liga MX online store

Club América's anthem jacket is for who loves simplicity and colours, with a dominant yellow background and a blue central band where the geometrical multicolour pattern typical of the Mexican club stands out. Then, two blue stripes cross the shoulders and a part of the arms. 


Aston Villa, Kappa

Prize: 80 €
Where to buy: on the club's online store

Obviously, the traditional colours are the protagonists of the pre match jacket of the English club, back in the Premier League after three seasons in the second division. The anthem jacket is completed by two light blue accents on the shoulders, by the Kappa logo on the left of the chest and by the crest and the main sponsor on the opposite side.


Parma, Erreà

Prize: 74 €
Where to buy: on the club's online store

The streetwear vibes of Parma's home anthem jacket are unique in this list. Erreà. did an excellent job on this item, black with white details, enhanced by a band with the repeated logo on the sleeves and the gialloblu Arabic Phoenix - main detail of the third kit - on the back, in addition to the bomber jacket style collar.


Fiorentina, Le Coq Sportif

Prize: 99 €
Where to buy: on the club's online store

Although the French brand has disappointed a little bit designing the latest Viola kits, it's to admit that the club's anthem jacket has a unique elegance. The jacket is obviously purple and is enriched by white and red accents on the collar, characteristic detail that enhances the Gigliati pre-match jacket.