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Copies of football jerseys

Too similar to not notice it

Copies of football jerseys Too similar to not notice it

Maybe it's because the colors palette are not endless, and also because the boundary between inspiration and plagiarism is sometimes not so marked, but in the world of football, you know, it's almost easy to find exaggeratedly similar match jerseys or copied crests, or however so identical to make us think badly. A few months ago we noticed the incredible similarity between Nigeria's Nike shirt and Legea's stock kits, and this summer we were very impressed with the chromatic affinity between the Inter Milan and Real Madrid shirts, now that we know all the game uniforms for the 2019/2020 season it's time to list all the other cases of clearly copied jerseys.

If in some cases there are small club of lower leagues that have taken their cue from other and more famous shirts, and it's the case of the Welsh club of Holyhead Town with the Lazio 'flag jersey' that of the German amateurs of Atlas Delmenhorst who used the Erreà pattern of Parma Calcio, on other occasions the mess is all internal and concerns adidas, which in addition to having adopted the same fantasy for all goalkeeper shirts (from Juventus to Seattle Sounders up to Virtus Entella) this season has also used the same templates, modifying only the colors, in the case of many club like River Plate and Fulham, whose shirts are based on the Striped 19 model.


Lazio Home 2018/2019 - Holyhead Town 2019/2020


Parma Third 2018/2019 - Atlas Delmenhorst 2019/2020


Chelsea Home 2019/2020 - Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya 2019/2020


Royal Excel Mouscron Away 2018/2019- Real Madrid EA Sports kit


Fulham 140th Anniversary Kit - Juventus Home 2019/2020


River Plate Fourth 2019/2020 - Fulham Away 2019/2020