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The new sporting era of Palermo Calcio

The Sicilian club will restart from the 4th Division and has changed practically everything compared to the past

The new sporting era of Palermo Calcio The Sicilian club will restart from the 4th Division and has changed practically everything compared to the past

It's over as few would have imagined a few years ago, when the Rosanero were permanently on the left side of the Serie A ranking, but as many had guessed over the last few months, after the farewell of Zamparini and the risky handover of the club to Arkus Network: instead of playing the promotion playoffs for which he had regularly placed after having repeatedly touched the A, Palermo was excluded from the Serie B and will start again from the amateur football, with a new company behind it, a new graphics and renewed enthusiasm. Shortly, the beginning of a new sporting age that promises to be very complicated but which, for the moment, seems to be able to leverage the contribution of the mayor of the Sicilian city, Leoluca Orlando, and their many fans.

The new company, founded on the ashes of the one declared bankrupt, is based on the Hera Hora s.r.l. of the two entrepreneurs from Palermo, Dario and Daniele Mirri, and on the Italian-American real estate agent Tony Di Piazza, who guaranteed the registration of the team in Serie D and the availability of a money fund of about 15 million Euros to go up the categories as soon as possible. The other two key figures are the CEO Rinaldo Sagramola, a key figure during the Serie A seasons of the Rosanero, and Rosario Pergolizzi, the former left-back born in Palermo who was chosen as the new manager. On the new website you can take a look at the new Rosanero manifesto, a detailed program of 27 pages in which it's explained in a scrupulous way on what will the new three-year iter look like: they speak of internationalization, of brand enhancement, of youth sector, women's football, widespread shareholding, new infrastructures, transparency, territory. On the other hand, Mirri are grandchildren of the former president Renzo Barbera and have Palermo in their hearts, as well as in their DNA.

One of the first innovations that marked the beginning of the new management was the new logo, accompanied by the hashtag #siamoaquile: therefore abandoned the old crest, the new highlights precisely the eagle, which has always been the symbol of the Sicilian team, the stylized letter P and the pink and black colors, flanked by white and the writing in gold without any shield. It was Danilo Li Muli from the Palermo communication agency Gomez & Mortisia who designed it, along with Pillo Esposito of Immedia and Lorenzo Barbera, as well as Gaetano Lombardo and the same Dario Mirri, who participated personally. At the 'Giornale di Sicilia' he explained:

"It is a logo that wants to create a bridge between the past and the future, linked to the initial form and the glorious history of Palermo, but in a simple and stylized way, to make it fly again. Roots and wings, in fact. The basic concept is precisely the union between elements such as the P of Palermo, the eagle and the very simple, clean and contemporary lettering".

The footballers of the last season have all gone away and the team, which is still an open site and is looking for the last important pieces to complete the roster in view of the start of the championship, to which elements of a higher category have already been added and a former never completely forgotten like Mario Alberto Santana, who ended the contract with Pro Patria, at 37 he proposed himself to the newly formed club. Meanwhile, there was the friendly debut against Castelbuono and the Favorita's match against the Rosanero Legends (from Toni to Zaccardo, from Miccoli to Ilicic ending with Vasari and Cappioli), attended by more than 20 thousand spectators. The next game is already important: on September 1st Palermo will start the new D campaign in Marsala, where it will challenge Savoia, Messina and Acireale for the first position that is worth the Lega Pro.

At the moment, Palermo is wearing catalog Kappa jerseys, but soon the Turin brand that took over from Legea will unveil the official uniforms: until 31 August, in fact, the Rosanero fans themselves will be able to choose the final models by choosing from six concepts that they were presented on the official website with a real survey to which everyone can participate (at the moment the preferences are already over 20 thousand), after a quick registration.

A choice, that of voting, which was proposed by the same company in order to actively involve its supporters, as explained by Mirri himself:

"This is an initiative in line with the objectives of transparency and participation that immediately animated our vision of the new Palermo. Fans return to the top starting from significant choices for the club. And given that they are custodians of the Rosanero faith as much as the president, it is to them that the honor and responsibility to dress our players this year and in the next ones goes. For this we thank Kappa for the availability in a team game in which we all win”.