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The five most beautiful Boca Juniors' jerseys by Nike

A journey lasted 23 years between Azul y Oro and forgotten shirts

The five most beautiful Boca Juniors' jerseys by Nike A journey lasted 23 years between Azul y Oro and forgotten shirts

There are football clubs that undoubtedly have marked and mark the modern history, that belongs to the mass culture because of what they represent. Nowadays, we idealize these teams with their jerseys. So we can't confuse the camiseta blaugrana of Barcelona, we can't forget the fire-red jersey of Manchester United and we can't ignore the one Azul y Oro of Boca Juniors. The Argentinian club is surely the most famous and winning South American team in the world, and in their history, they let wear their iconic jersey to unforgettable champions like Roman Riquelme and Carlitos Tevez, who is still playing for the club. However, there were seasons in which the alternative jerseys almost stole the scene to the home jersey because of their vibrant colours and their beautiful patterns. In the last twenty-three years, all these jerseys were produced by Nike and, since from next season adidas will be the next supplier of Boca, we have decided to celebrate the best creations of the Beaverton brand for the Xeneizes. Let's start!


First of all, we must give priority to the legendary jersey yellow like gold and blue like nobility, interpreted during years with different tones and various sponsors but still faithful to the historical template of 1908, where blue dominates under a wide yellow band that divides horizontally the jersey. The legend tells that the colours were adopted after a loss against Nottingham de Almagro, who wore similar tones of Boca at that time. So, after that match, the Xeneizes decided to switch their colours with those ones of the flag of the first boat to sail from La Boca harbor, a Swedish vessel. From here the legend of the Azul y Oro born.

Away, 2013/2014

So which was the first colour of Boca Juniors' jerseys before these all? It seems to be pink! There are contrasting rumours about it: some tell for sure that the first shirt of the club was pink, others say that Boca has never worn that colour. Until the 2013/2014 season, when Nike proposed this tint for the Xeneizes' away shirt. Was this a tribute to the past or a simple fashion choice?

Away, 2006/2007

White and characterized by a pattern with slim blue stripes interrupted in the middle by a white band with the main sponsor in it, this away jersey of Boca is among the less remembered of the twenty-year period with Nike. The details were: a small crest of the club in the middle, a little golden swoosh on the right and the Goodyear sponsor on the shoulders. 

Special, 2012

Produced paying homage to the Boca's jersey of 1905, then dyed black and white, this shirt of the Xeneizes, more similar to a home jersey of Santos or Atletico Mineiro, was used during the Torneos de Verano in 2012. Slim stripes and yellow details made it one of the most atypical jerseys of the Argentinians of the last years. What was its biggest peculiarity? It was produced in 6600 copies, making it very exclusive.

 Away, 2012/2013

In the 2012/2013, Boca offered a special away jersey with particular detail. Even this time we don't know if this was realized with the intention of tributing the Italian origins of the club - founded by Italians in Argentina - fact is the jerseys presents a big blue cross placed on the right, like it was Parma home jersey, with the only difference that is the position of the cross.