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The Italian rugby National team jerseys for the 2019 World Cup

Signed by Macron for the third year in a row

The Italian rugby National team jerseys for the 2019 World Cup Signed by Macron for the third year in a row

With a tweet on its official profile, Macron has announced the news home and away jerseys of the Italian Rugby National Team for the 2019/2029 season. The collaboration between the Bologna mark and the Azzurri of the oval ball continues for the third in a row, in view of a sponsorship deal that expires in 2025. The new jerseys, released on the occasion of the World Cup that will take place in Japan between September 20th and November 2nd, keep a slim fit, marked by the resistant and well visible seams.

The home jersey, which is very similar to that one of the Italian National Team for the colours and the details, is obviously dyed blue with a dark blue collar and also dark blue borders at the end of the sleeves. On the centre, we have the Macron logo while on the left there's the National team crest. On the opposite side, there's the World Cup patch, which will expire after the Japanese kermesse.

The away jersey, that keeps the same craftsmanship of the first one, is white, with a dark blue collar refined by a blue stripe on the back of the neck and a series of not so thick dark blue and blue stripes on the bottom of the jersey. Brandings and logos follow the placements of the home jersey. On the sleeves, there's a vertical blue accent, with a little tricolour flag over it.

Both jerseys are produced in Armevo and Bodytex fabrics.

Macron, that has big importance in the sponsorship deals in rugby, wanted to emphasize the link of these jerseys with the historythe pride and the Italian patriotism in the presentation video of these shirts, so sixteenth-century and with constant references to Leonardo da Vinci and the Vitruvian Man, piece of art that appears on the lower part of the jerseys, on the retro.

The Italian rugby National Team will debut in the rugby World Cup on September 22nd against Namibia, one of the four contenders they will face in the hard group B in which they were raffled off with New Zealand, South Africa and Canada.

The new Azzurri's jerseys are exclusively available until the 30th of August on the online store of the Federazione Italiana Rugby and at the Macron stores in Rome, San Silvestro Square, and Bologna, Marconi Airport.