The world of eSports is increasingly at the center of the projects of the great professional football teams, which invest in tournaments and put real professionals under contract, participating in international championships and tournaments. In this complex world, SCUF Gaming is a leader in the production of accessories and in the customization of PC and console controllers.

Duncan Ironmonger, the founder of the brand, has decided to focus on a new challenge by creating an unexpected crossover project with two of the most intriguing personalities of the city of Rome: the gamer Pow3r and the talented multidisciplinary artist Gemello have joined forces to create a controller unique that combines video games and art.

The new controller inspired by Rome that mixes art and video games SCUF Gaming has overcome the barriers of eSports  | Image 0

The result is SCUF Impact Pow3r Edition, a cutting-edge game controller for PS4 and PC, which raises the bar for a new generation of gamers in terms of playability and versatility.

The quality of the gaming experience improves with some design details like the interchangeable thumbstick, but also the mechanism that regulates the stroke of the triggers (R1 and L1). The biggest invention, however, which for years has made SCUF a pioneer in the professional controller and hardware market on consoles are the 4 removable paddles that allow you to use multiple functions simultaneously and live the challenges professionally.

The Roman artist Gemello has created a pattern designed on the style of play and the personality of Pow3r, full of color and bold, designed for the style and unusual grip of the Fortnite champion. If you want to know more about the project a video from the same gamer/YouTuber will clarify all the secrets of this collaboration.


SCUF Impact Pow3r Edition will be available exclusively on the Scuf Gaming website.