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7 unsigned football players with beautiful Instagram profiles

Free players chosen on the basis of what really matters, namely the management of their social accounts

7 unsigned football players with beautiful Instagram profiles Free players chosen on the basis of what really matters, namely the management of their social accounts

As every year, in July, we go to look at the list of free players from a transfer market perspective. Both big and smaller names, potential business at no cost, or bad deals to avoid at all costs. Teams study, while those left without a contract wait for a call.

Meanwhile, as is normal, the web is filled with potential top 11 players without a contract. The goal is to give an overview of a world that fascinates everyone, from the company to the fans.

However, today the selection criteria may change: not only the player and his contribution to the pitch are evaluated; no, it also gives importance to what is around it. And all around there are social networks. The companies could then decide to radically shift the selection criteria and give more weight to the use of the Instagram profile, for example. In this sense, some players would have a secure future in a big Europe.

Note: from the following list, players without an Instagram profile were excluded (hey, we are in 2019) and others who would have done better not to open an Instagram profile, like Abel Hernandez who posted photos with the words "Getty Images" in plain sight or Subotic who looks like a tourist who is visiting Germany. Here is who remains, after a careful selection:


#1 Daniel Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge has the classic Instagram profile of someone who understands how Instagram works. The English striker is multi-faceted and convincing on social media, he passes without problems from a super cute photo with his dog to a snapshot of him super-rough sitting on the edge of a random lane.

Also good is the management of the videos, with personal and curious things (like Liverpool's dressing-room after the Champions League victory) and more structured things like his training in Los Angeles where he looks more like a rapper than a footballer. But in the end, why not be both?

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The profile of Sturridge, moreover, lately has been animated a lot for the abduction of his little dog: a surreal story, the shares have been so many, as well as the support to the player, who eventually managed to hug his puppy again. All very adorable. Ah, among other things also Lucky Lucci has his profile.

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Just over here minding my business and being a good boy

Un post condiviso da Lucky Lucci (@luccidapoochie) in data:


#2 Ben Arfa

Substantially Ben Arfa has gained access to this elite especially for a wholesome video posted last May 6 on his profile. Which, however, it must be said, remains an acceptable profile (albeit slightly updated), where you can find posts of all kinds, from fan drawings to self-ironic jokes about Neymar's arrival at PSG.

But back to the video: there are two similar, but the most beautiful is undoubtedly the most recent. Perhaps the first was just an attempt, while the second is the masterpiece: in the flowing images, Ben Arfa can be seen playing crazy in doubled speed, and judging by those highlights the Frenchman could play the title in any team in the world. At one point we also see the Subotic tourist taking a tunnel. In the background, the usual pushy music that accompanies this type of video. Really total: 10/10.

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Un phœnix "Rennais" toujours de ses cendres..

Un post condiviso da Hatem Ben Arfa (@hatembenarfaofficiel) in data:


#3 Dani Alves

In a ranking like this, could you miss the profile of Dani Alves? The Brazilian on social media is simply sublime: his Instagram is very updated, he posted regularly but never fails to be obnoxious or cloying. No trivial post, even her girlfriend's birthday becomes an opportunity to demonstrate all of their healthy madness on social media.

A few posts to highlight Dani Alves' unbridled genius, which not surprisingly seems to like the #GoodCrazyMood hashtag:

- Here is him who, sitting on the toilet bowl with a shocking-underground look, reads a magazine where Messi is on the cover;

- Here he makes a sweet and crazy dedication to Ayrton Senna;

- Here he presents himself with a crazy outfit;

- Here he seems happy to be at the sea;

- Here he has a plant on his head.

And we close like this:

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“Good Crazy Mood” #campeãonaosefazsenasce

Un post condiviso da DanialvesD2 My Twitter (@danialves) in data:


#4 Joe Ledley

Profile not very updated, rather standard photos and sweet family moments: Joe Ledley would have nothing special to enter this ranking, if it were not for his beard that he exhibits with pride.

It is very well-kept, the kind of beard you hope to grow at 15, one day; the Welsh midfielder is a source of inspiration and following him on Instagram deceives us that maybe one day we too could have a beard like that.

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Game day #togetherstronger

Un post condiviso da Joe Ledley (@joe16led) in data:



#5 Danny Welbeck

If Daniel Sturridge has the profile of someone who understands how to use Instagram, Danny Welbeck has the profile of one that you would like to invite to your next party even if you haven't organized one yet. On the contrary: you could even organize it just to invite Danny Welbeck. The English striker always smiles, he seems to be a healthy carrier of joy and joy.

The background of his Instagram profile could be something like Toda joya toda beleza, a refrain to tune in every occasion: at the seaside, when you play on the PlayStation, in the pool during rehabilitation, when you bungee jump.

Smiling to the bitter end.

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Just Live x

Un post condiviso da Danny Welbeck (@dannywelbeck) in data:


#6 Stefano Sorrentino

Sorrentino? Sorrentino. A particular choice, but in this case we wanted to reward the commitment of a player who at 40 years tested himself with an instrument, Instagram, which is usually frequented by younger colleagues. Sorrentino faces the social challenge with courage, perhaps exaggerating a bit with the rhetoric "eyes of the tiger" but at the same time playing on it too.

The goalkeeper manages to be funny without making the figure of Smithers who wants to talk to young people, and on Instagram he alternates sweet moments of daily life with beautiful, current and amusing pictures. Sorrentino is ultimately always on the piece, both on goal and on social media.

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Il mondo è anche un po’ di chi se lo prende.

Un post condiviso da STEFANO SORRENTINO (@stefanosorrentino) in data:


#7 Heinz Lindner

Austrian goalkeeper with a strong sense of social: Lindner's entry into this list was not obvious, the pics were beautiful and even varied, but there was something that didn't add up. The spark was missing, the cue, that something extra that makes you deserve a front row seat among the coolest untied on Instagram.

Then I saw the stories and I had no more doubts: Lindner posted three in the day I write, in one he plays at the Play Station with his son while in the other two he enjoys having his cat catch a red ball. All too sweet not to enter the ranking. And among other things, according to this video in which he takes the sphere as he does his cat with the red ball, he also seems to get away with it. Why not give it a chance?

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Saves 2019 #goalkeeper #austria #grasshoppers #oefb #gcz

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Bonus - Mario Balotelli

Not always very attentive to quality, it is true, but its profile is wonderfully authentic: chaotic, sometimes wonderful, sometimes exaggerated, certainly flashy. Why always him?