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Arsenal FC unveils new 2019/2020 font

Nostalgic and 3D

Arsenal FC unveils new 2019/2020 font Nostalgic and 3D

Just this week, Arsenal presented the new Home kit for the 2019/2020 season, with a video inspired by the British urban TV series and the concept of belonging to the city of London, which will continue with the documentary series "This is Home".

The numbers and names of the player on the back of the Premier League uniforms will be printed with the official font of the federation, a practice consolidated for years and followed by other championships like LaLiga and Ligue1. For the Europa League matches, Arsenal has come up with a custom font, with a 90s vibes for the use of 3D letters and figures.

The typeface will be completely white, both for the Home kit and for the Away kit, with the club's crest positioned in the negative at the bottom.

The London team seems to have taken a road and a retro taste in style choices for next season, which sees the return of adidas as the main sponsor after 25 years between Nike and PUMA.