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Atalanta has not learned anything from the Women's World Cup

Some doubts about the campaign to present the new Home and Away jerseys

Atalanta has not learned anything from the Women's World Cup  Some doubts about the campaign to present the new Home and Away jerseys

Atalanta BC presented in Bergamo the new kits for next season, Serie A, Italian Cup and Champions League. La Dea presented the Home and the Away jersey do not present big news compared to the classic models worn by the club in the past seasons, with black and blue vertical stripes for the Home model and white with horizontal bands for the Away one.
In the presentation video, as in the campaign shots, 5 pretty girls wear the kits and move around the scene without any function other than to pose like dummies, only more beautiful to look at. Retouching with photoshop on the photo shoots is then the confirmation that in this case the right coordinates to follow have been lost.

In 2019 - which was the year of women's football - the fact that a Serie A team still uses communication that considers women only as good objects to show the jerseys that men will use is quite shameful and humiliating. The fact that it is the Atalanta - fresh from a historic qualification in the Champions League and praised for managing the youth sector - does even more harm, because it denounces the cultural backwardness of the Serie A and Italian football on the gender issue.

Yet the matches of the women's national team at the World Cup have registered 5 million viewers, in many cities, there have been events dedicated to the World Cup, including the #WomendoFootball viewing parties in Milan. The sports sections of the Italian newspapers have dedicated pages and interviews to players and trainers, treating women in football for the first time as protagonists and not just intruders or worse, objects from TV studios.

For women's football, however, 2019 is a starting point for a movement that still has a long way to go: players in many countries are not recognized as professionals, the salary gap between men and women is macroscopic, so much so that the women's golden ball Ada Hegerberg decided not to take part in the World Cup to protest against the Norwegian federation. The 2019 World Cup and the endorsement of big brands gave the movement a media opportunity, bringing attention to the sacrifice and determination of girls who fought to play football and who today see the first fruits.

At the match between Juventus and Fiorentina at the Allianz Stadium, there were 40,000 spectators, the women's teams of Barcelona and Atletico Madrid brought over 60,000 people to the stadium.
Just the bianconeri and Italy striker Barbara Bonansea some time ago confessed to us that she would never have expected anything like this, but that now the girls are starting to understand the strength of their movement which is only at the starting step.
Serie A clubs like Inter Milan have presented the new jersey for the 2019/2020 season with some female players, all symptoms of a change in the entire football movement.
Some players took the speech in the first person, as for example the captain of the USA National Megan Rapinoe, who in the last few days has verbally clashed with President Donald Trump, obtaining the support of the LGTBQ movement in the week of the Pride.

Also another Serie A team like Lecce a few weeks ago presented the new shirts in a similar way to Atalanta, with a poor and timeless style, still tied to the cheap TV entertainment of the 90s.

Now I try to put myself in the shoes of a girl who is a fan of Atalanta who spent the last month watching Sara Gama, Bonasea and company play an exciting World Cup and above expectations and so look forward to being on the stands of the new Atleti Azzurri d'Italia to cheer for Atalanta in the Champions League. The presentation video of the jersey that she loves, however, seems to tell her something else, it seems to intend to return to her place, that football is a fact for men and that women at most can make winking faces in front of the camera, not mark, exult and slip into the field.
Here Percassi and Atalanta did not understand a shit what women's football is, and in the end what is football.