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What's happening on the AS Roma social networks?

A strange communication campaign to present the new players

What's happening on the AS Roma social networks? A strange communication campaign to present the new players

AS Roma has been distinguished for a few seasons now by being the Serie A team with the most inventiveness and brilliance when it comes to social networks. The initiatives of the Giallorossi club are always characterized by a great communicative ability, which in many cases takes advantage of self-irony and involves the players.

In recent years Roma has opened accounts in all languages, from Instagram to Facebook, to Tik Tok, Snapchat, GIPHY, Medium, Pinterest, YouTube, Weibo and of course Twitter.

On the latter, in the last hours, a singular communication campaign started, on the occasion of the start of the transfer market and the announcements of the two new purchases Spinazzola and Diawara. The videos published are the result of collaboration with Telefono Azzurro and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, a non-profit association that deals with finding more than 25,000 missing children every year and preventing child abuses.

In the summer the videos of the new purchases are undoubtedly among the most awaited by the fans of the clubs, which in the language of social translates to a strong viral charge. For this reason, AS Roma has decided to associate photos of the new players with pic of faces and information about some missing children in Europe and the United States. Each new announcement will be followed by two videos, the first of which have already been published on the club's social profiles.

It is an initiative that creates a certain estrangement and aims to strike public opinion with a theme that is in stark contrast to football, but which can find a solution and support precisely thanks to the visibility that guarantees a club like the AS Roma.

The numbers released by the GMCN-Global Missing Children's Network say that every year one million children in the world disappear or are abducted, and those found represent a very small percentage. Paul Rogers, Head of Strategy of AS Roma explained that the initiative has a precedent:

"This action was born from the reading of an article on the 25th anniversary of the Runaway Train video by Soul Asylum, which gave space to cases of children who disappeared at the time, with photos and names. Tony Kaye, the clip's director, decided to use a pop music video played on MTV to try to help find 36 missing children, I think they eventually identified 21. Four versions of the video were produced: two for the United States, one for the United Kingdom and one for Australia. We thought we would do something similar to AS Roma, addressing the message to the generation that uses social media "

It is Paul Rogers who is the brilliant mind behind Rome's social media campaigns, and in the last few football sessions we have seen presentations of all kinds. Patrick Schick had landed in Rome with a video featuring Totti, Katy Perry, a singing lion and a goat playing chess, or Cengiz Under which was announced in 2017 with a video similar to those you can find on YouTube as a title " Best Skills Gol and Assist ", with dance music and adventurous editing. The rewind video for Ante Coric, the one for Lorenzo Pellegrini - the first of the crazy announcement season - but above all the video for the presentation of Kolarov inaugurated a vein full of jokes, attracting sympathies from all over Europe. For this session of transfers, the tone of the clips has changed considerably, but AS Roma continues to prove itself the company that more than any other can best exploit the social media medium.