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Five unforgettable Manchester City's jerseys

Citizenzs' past is very rich of colorful jerseys

Five unforgettable Manchester City's jerseys Citizenzs' past is very rich of colorful jerseys

Class isn't water and everyone knows it well in Manchester, even in the historically less famous half of the city, that one of Manchester City, since they start to win something ten years ago after the advent of the sheik Mansour. This doesn't mean that the Citizens haven't shone for other reasons in the past. Between the 80s and the 90s, Manchester City have often wear memorable jerseys of every colour, that pointed out how light blue wasn't the only main colour of the club. Fuchsia, red, white, green and not only are some of the tones that have dyed and continuing to dye the jerseys of Manchester City during years, creating shirts researched and suddenly often too much criticized or forgotten. KappaUMBROLe Coq Sportif and Reebok are a part of the brands that have collaborated with City, contributing to the production of jerseys to not forget. Today we see some.


Away, 1998/1999

The jersey signed Kappa for the 1998/1999 season was important for the Citizens, that with these colours on won the playoffs for the promotion from the League One to the Championship. That was the last year in which City faced a season in the English third division. The jersey is green lime with blue stripes interrupted by the main sponsor, Brother. 


Away, 2007/2008

Another appreciated colour by Manchester City is purple, occasionally reappeared in the seasonal club's kits. In the 2007/2008 season, the away jersey was purple with slim and elegant white stripes, that almost "pinstriped" this shirt enriched by the Le Coq Sportif branding on the shoulder and by the main sponsor on the centre of the jersey. The club crest was located on the centre. Yes, the man in the pic gallery is Rolando Bianchi!


Away, 2011/2012

It's not a novelty of the last years: Manchester City often used red and black colors in the past. The reason for this is to research in the club origins, that at their born had these two colours as social colours before the refoundation of 1894. Since then, City kept linked with their old tones and in the 2011/2012 season, that one of the third national title and they showed this with this away jersey signed again by UMBRO.


Away, 2013/2014

Produced by Nike with the hope to create something elegant, the Manchester City away jersey for the 2013/2014 season is maybe the finest of this list, dyed with two shades of black, enriched by a beautiful stand-up collar and details in gold. Worn by champions like Aguero, David Silva and Dzeko, this jersey could only shine.


Third kit, 2016/2017

In the 2016/2017 season, Nike chose for the third kit a template (very criticized) with horizontal slim stripes that, starting from the bottom, went on and on to the top. Manchester City was one of the clubs that adopted this particular jersey, that combines orange and blue.