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The best soundtracks of the Italian National team

From Notti Magiche to Rocco Hunt, the Azzurri football history in 8 songs

The best soundtracks of the Italian National team From Notti Magiche to Rocco Hunt, the Azzurri football history in 8 songs

A perfect debut for the Azzurri in the 22nd edition of the European Under-21 Championship. The tournament, which will be played for the first time between Italy and San Marino, opened with a 3 to 1 victory against the great rivals of Spain, which we didn't beat since 2006 when in the U21 Chiellini and Montolivo were playing. The declared goal is to break a tradition of promising teams that have always fallen just a few meters from the glory, as happened in 2017, when the National team of Bernardeschi, Donnarumma, Chiesa, Conti and Rugani got only a disappointing third place.

Between the U-20 World Cup, the Women's World Championship and the European U-21, the 2019 is an important summer for Italian football and as always it will be accompanied by the right soundtrack, and this is not the most anticipated reggaeton but "Benvenuti in Italy", the song sung by Rocco Hunt a few minutes before the starting whistle at Dall'Ara Stadium.

The song of the Campania rapper will accompany the expedition of Zaniolo, Kean, Barella, Tonali and Cutrone, perhaps the strongest national team in recent years and the most anticipated of the competition, even just because it is the one with the highest market value.

In the hope that Di Biagio wins the European Championship and that the song by Rocco Hunt climbs the charts, we have collected some of the most famous - and even forgotten - soundtracks of the Italian summer under the umbrella, between "Notti Magiche" and "Squadre Fortissimi"


Notti magiche - Nannini/Bennato 1990

The guitar of Edoardo Bennato and the rough voice of Gianna Nannini have written perhaps the most famous of the songs dedicated to the Azzurri, on the occasion of the World Cup home finished in third place after the semi-final loss against Argentina. The song, written by Giorgio Moroder, was the most sold album in 1990, inaugurating the tradition of songs dedicated to the National team.

Italia ancora - Stelle Azzurre 1994

An intro by Paolo Maldini opens the song by Enrico Ruggeri, Massimo Ranieri and Diego Abatantuono for the 1994 USA World Cup. We can say with enough serenity that the song and especially the video are not as beautiful as Sacchi's team was. The text is a collection of the best stereotypes about Italy: "Italy is the country of the sun, sea and love, I'll always be with you", but also a beautiful incitement of Abatantuono to mutual love and to the great variety of the monuments of the peninsula. World Cup finished even worse.

Da me a te - Claudio Baglioni 1998

Another great interpreter of popular music to accompany the Italy of Vieri, Cannavaro and Del Piero in the 1998 World Cup. The editing of the video alternates images of peasants, children with grandparents, vintage football with scenes in which Claudio Baglioni plays the piano in white suit at the center of the Olympic stadium. Complete package with fads in full 90s style.

Cuore azzurro - Pooh 2006


"We with you, you with us", the Pooh record together with Peruzzi, Cannavaro, Buffon, Zambrotta, Iaquinta and Oddo the song for the 2006 World Cup. It could have been a great success, if only it hadn't been replaced in everyone's memory from that "po po po po po po" by Seven Nation Army of the White Stripes. The sky is blue above Berlin.

Siamo una squadra fortissimi - Checco Zalone 2006

For  Radio Deejay the comedian Checco Zalone gives us this manifesto of irony and goliardic ignorance, playing on all the clichés and the classic bar speeches (or umbrella), such as the "blame of the referee" or Calciopoli.Un amore così grande - Negramaro 2014

The Negramaro's rock, was the only way to give some hope to Prandelli's Italy, which came out badly in the group stage against Uruguay, Costa Rica and England. Those of 2014 are perhaps the worst World Cup ever played by Italy, but Giuliano Sangiorgi's adaptation to Mario del Monaco's 1976 song was quite successful. The Platinum Disc is the best result of the Prandelli National Team.

Benvenuti in Italy - Rocco Hunt 2019

Definitely changed times compared to the emotional videos and the serious faces of Gianna Nannini or Baglioni, the soundtrack of the Italia Under 21 is the song of the Campania born rapper Rocco Hunt. The album cover is a tribute to a great classic of improvised football on the beach or in the streets, the Super Santos. In step with the times also for sound, it will be another reggaeton summer.