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The 10 best jerseys of the 2019 Copa America

Brazil in white, Argentina in black, Colombia in blue and the stunning uniforms designed by Marathon

The 10 best jerseys of the 2019 Copa America Brazil in white, Argentina in black, Colombia in blue and the stunning uniforms designed by Marathon

It's one of the most hottest tournaments in technical terms, for sure, as well as probably the one with the most bizarre organizational model (twelve teams divided into three groups of four) and with the most absurd composition, given the participation of Japan and Qatar. The Copa America that will start on Friday, and which will be played in Brazil, will be as usual in the name of rabone and sombreros, despite the absence of Neymar, one of the greatest jugglers in the South American scenario, just injured during the friendly match with Qatar.

We are sure, however, that despite the absence of the Seleçao's number 10 will be guaranteed, and who knows if the hosts will equally win...

But making predictions about who will lift the trophy is not our job, so here's a list of the top 10 jerseys we'll see during the competition: we have already seen some of them at the 2018 World Cup, but others are completely new. 


Brasile third, Nike

We had already talked about it here: Brazil will return to wear the white jersey after more than 60 years, and that is after the Maracanazo of 1950, which convinced the Federation of the need for a chromatic switch to avert another defeat of that kind. The white jersey presented by Nike is in fact a tribute to that era, with a turquoise collar fully inspired by the 1950s. Carioca fans, no less superstitious than Italians, expect the kit to bring less bad luck than last time, but O 'Ney's injury to a tournament that has not started yet does not bode well. We look forward to seeing it worn.


Ecuador home, Marathon

When we talk about Ecuador it's impossible not to think about their loyal technical sponsor, Marathon, which is the official supplier since 1994 and which has made two very interesting shirts. The first convinces us more because of the original pattern that makes the Tri shirt absolutely unique. The new kit has already been worn during the current World Cup in Poland by the Under 20 team, one of the revelations of the competition and a source of pride for a nation that has never won the Copa America.


Argentina away, adidas

It had already accompanied the fate of the Albiceleste during the World Cup in Russia, establishing himself as one of the best jerseys in the tournament. Today we find the black adidas jersey as a away uniform for the South American trophy, in a tribute to the famous three diagonal stripes on the chest, which had made the German brand famous in the nineties.


Uruguay home, PUMA

In the classic blue, white and golden color, this Puma line is a clear reference to the uniforms of the Uruguayan national team from 1987, which became the South American champion and was already sponsored by the German brand. The tribute consists mainly of the collar and the white stripe which continues along the entire sleeve. As in most cases, we appreciate this implicit appeal to vintage.


Giappone home, adidas

The Japanese are in fact one of the two nations invited by CONMEBOL to the kermesse, to "fill" the groups given the small number of participants. This choice can only leave us passionate perplexed, as we do not find particular points of contact between the two teams and South American history. In any case, the land of the rising sun will show off once again for home jersey, with the famous polka dot pattern that became viral during Russia 2018.


Cile away, Nike

La Roja returns to play the Copa, after winning it in the 2015 edition and in the Centenary one, in 2016. For this reason, we feel we can put it among the favorites despite they failed to qualify to the Russian campaign. The kit that we like best is the Away one, a little more extravagant than the classic red suit. The shirt that Nike has made for Chilean is mostly white, with shaded red and blue stripes on the chest, which make it similar to the US home shirt. The choice of graphics on the frontal pattern is a tribute to the Condor of the Andes, one of the symbols of Chile, as announced by Pete Hoppins, design director of Nike.


Colombia away, adidas

The Cafeteros arrive at the tournament full of expectations, and can certainly be included in the list of possible candidates to the final winning. Their transfer shirt is in royal blue, enriched with fluorescent orange colors, and a three-dimensional motif on the left side. The coat of arms of the Colombian federation is also completely orange, as are the Three Stripes.


Paraguay home, adidas

The Albirroja Home shirt returns once again to be characterized by narrow red and white stripes, with thin blue lines on the neck and on the ends of the sleeves. It also stands out that the Three Stripes are not placed on the shoulders as usual, but on the sides.


Perù away, Marathon

The Peruvian national team unveiled an unusual black version of the Home shirt, and for the occasion Marathon produces one of the best kits for this edition of the tournament. To the total black of the shirt is added the classic diagonal stripe, in this case red, which has always distinguished the Blanquirroja. The choice of collar also appears innovative and is yet another vintage appeal of this Copa season.


Brazil away, Nike

We had already learned to know and appreciate the star pattern of the cariocas during the World Cup in Russia, in the blue color that for decades has been chosen for the green gold transfer uniform. One of the most characteristic elements of this uniform is certainly the interior design of the globe, which pays homage to the Brazilian flag and the history of the Seleção.