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Five unforgettable Chelsea jerseys

Not only traditional Blues kits, the Londoners have worn almost everything

Five unforgettable Chelsea jerseys Not only traditional Blues kits, the Londoners have worn almost everything

114 years of history, from the beginnings in the South-West of London to the top of the European football, Chelsea, with its ups and downs, has become one of England's most famous clubs, especially in recent years thanks to the Abramovich hand that bring to UK the arrival of so many champions between pitch and bench. If there is a color that has always distinguished the team of the capital is undoubtedly the blue, so as to provide the only and true nickname of the club, the Blues, which when they enter at Stamford Bridge are greeted by the hymn 'Blue is the color', as if to point out every time what is the only chromatic reference of belonging. On the Londoners' shirts, however, other colors have appeared, used mainly for the away and third versions: in the first years of history the so-called 'eton or Sheldock blue', with a light shade and very close to green, then the bright yellow and, especially in recent years, black. Some of these are impossible to forget, others are so rare that we are certain you will not remember them at all.


1994/1996, away

A shirt that you may have removed from your mind is the one worn in the mid-90s designed by Umbro which reminds us so much of the Cremonese because of the completely unique combination of colors, never repeated in the following years.


1996/1998, away

It's the Italian Chelsea of Zola, Vialli and Di Matteo, but also of Gullit, Babayaro and Tore Andre Flo, a very nice team that managed to finish the league in sixth and fourth place, triumphing in the old UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. In addition to the components of the squad, the away jersey is also very famous: yellow and with blue and blue inserts, signed Umbro too.


2004/2005, away

In the recent past, Chelsea has often worn the black shirt: combined with white, yellow, blue, orange and even gray, as happened during the 2004/2005 season, with Josè Mourinho on the bench. The shirt is still signed Umbro, before moving to adidas in 2006.


2009/2010, away

It's the Chelsea of Carlo Ancelotti who wins the Premier League with only one point ahead of United, eliminated by Inter in the Champions League knockout rounds. Designed by adidas, the away kit is a real gem: black with navy horizontal lines and volt inserts.


2011/2012, third

The season that every Chelsea fan will never forget is the one that corresponds to the Champions League triumph, which came after a European campaign in which the Blues seemed really invincible. The most significant night was undoubtedly that of Barcelona, during which Fernando Torres & his companions qualified in a daring manner with the white jersey, with blue and yellow details.



8th of Aprile, 1997, Coventry City away

No, the red and black checkered shirt never belonged to the endless collection of Chelsea's stylistic combinations, but Zola & companions were forced to wear it on the occasion of an away game against Coventry after realizing the excessive similarities between their shirts and having forgotten the spare kit.