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5 concept kits for the European Union team

Featuring Stone Island, Louis Vuitton and adidas

5 concept kits for the European Union team Featuring Stone Island, Louis Vuitton and adidas

Let's get ready to enter the electoral weekend, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have already gone to the polls and in the next few days around 400 million Europeans will elect the 751 representatives in Strasbourg. This is a historic vote, given the Brexit earthquake and the advance of Eurosceptics. Even the Italian Football Players Association has been fighting for more electoral rights for some years now, as this year in Italy it will be voted on Sunday (from 7am to 11pm) and many professionals will be away from their own municipalities.

Imagining an epic challenge between pro and against the Brexit formations, the separatist team coached by Neil Warnock and driven by Sol Campbell in attack, declared openly in favor of independence, would face an eleven composed by Rio Ferdinand, David Beckham, Lineker and that funny guy Joey Barton, who in 2016 called Boris Johnson, a representative of the conservative party and mayor of London for two terms a "CUNT".

Going beyond our fantasy, we imagined what could happen if Europe decided to build an autonomous soccer team, in an epic world between continents, to which the Moonstars could also participate. To do this we relied on two graphic designers, Matteo Caputo and Pro Football Jersey, who created five mock-up in street style, taking inspiration from some brands adidas, Louis Vuitton, Nike and Stone Island.

The inspiration comes from an old issue of the FourFourTwo Magazine of the 90s in which we imagined for a European National sponsored by Stone Island, a dream for football and streetwear lovers like us.


Stone Island x EU By Pro Football Jersey

The first concept takes up the idea of ​​Stone Island as a sponsor of Europe, in a jersey made from one of the vintage Italian brands that we most prefer: Ennerre.

As a first project, the two elements of the European flag were obviously taken, namely the blue and the twelve stars, inserted around the logo of the brand, oversized in the middle of the shirt. The striped pattern takes up the "MARINA" collection, one of the most identifiable of the brand founded by Massimo Osti.

A geographic pattern is inserted into the sleeves, also inspired by the "THERMOSENSITIVE FABRIC" collection. A casual look like this could not forgo the polo collar.


Stone Island x EU By Matteo Caputo


Matteo Caputo's first concept chooses Stone Island as a brand for the EU Team. The logo on the jersey is inspired by three key factors: The flag of the European Union also intended as the flag of geographical Europe, the UEFA logo, and the stylization of a ball, all seasoned with a modern font and the Union motto European "United in diversity". A reference to the famous Team GB, the sports selection of the entire United Kingdom that takes the field during the Olympics Games. The Stone Island sweater takes inspiration from one of the most famous images of satellite geographical Europe, reworked according to the styles of some SS19 garments, also in relation to the idea of ​​a fingerprint, to represent the identity and the union of European. Ironically, the main sponsor is NO BREXIT while on the sleeve it certainly could not miss the patch of the Italian brand.


Pantone x EU By Pro Football Jersey

The second kit is a completely new collaboration between Nike and Pantone: the idea came from wanting to mix the colors of the various European flags in a single shirt and as a better sponsor if not the company that specializes in cataloging and in the production of the color identification system?

In the sleeves, the European Union motto has been inserted in the languages ​​of the various countries, for a chromatic effect very interesting and coherent with the message of the EU Football Club.


Louis Vuitton x EU By Pro Football Jersey

After collaborations with streetwear brands like the one between PSG and Jordan / BAPE, the new team of Europe could inaugurate the trend of the collab between football and high fashion. We wanted to aim high immediately, with a partnership between adidas and Louis Vuitton, which would also upset all the collections designed by the creative director Virgil Abloh with Nike.

The concept is inspired by the recent Damier Cobalt Race collection, with the checkered pattern contrasting with the volt color of the three stripes, collar and cuffs.


adidas x EU By Matteo Caputo 


The Adidas shirt instead takes inspiration from the famous flag proposed by Austria and from the designer Rem Koolhaas. It was never adopted except as a secondary official symbol during the Austrian legislation in the European Council. The design of this flag, in turn, contained all the colors of the other European flags. The concept imagines an all-over pattern, inspired by the adidas vintage jerseys, embellished by the tone-on-tone flag, with a wave effect that creates an effect of movement.