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Five unforgettable FC Barcelona's jerseys

A trip between sponsors, colours and beautiful patterns of the Catalan club's history

Five unforgettable FC Barcelona's jerseys A trip between sponsors, colours and beautiful patterns of the Catalan club's history

On the FC Barcelona shirts, the entire centenarian tradition of the Catalan club is imprinted. Legend says that the Blaugrana colors were chosen by the founder Hans Gamper inspired by those of Basel, the last club where he played before arriving in Barcelona to found what would become one of the most important clubs in the history of football. The sponsors change - only three over time: Meyba, Kappa and Nike, uninterruptedly since 1998 - but since 1900 the Barça shirt has been renewed from season to season, using blue and garnet colors in different ways. Vertical and horizontal stripes, transversal sash and new patterns concerning the home kit, while for away games the Catalans wore (almost) everything: highlighter yellow, aqua green, black, light-blue and orange. On the other hand, fantasy has always been one of the characteristics that has characterized the whole Barça universe, both on and off the pitch. And so we decided to pay tribute to five suggestive and untraditional jerseys that made the history of Barcelona, ​​absolutely impossible to forget both for their beauty and for the champions who wore it.


Away, 1991/1992 - Meyba

Before Kappa, blaugrana's jerseys were designed by Meyba, a Catalan brand of the 40s, producer of various gems like the away jersey of the 1991/1992 season, worn in the occasion of the first Champions League final won by Barcelona at Wembley. The jersey was characterised by a checkered orange pattern with a blue V collar and red and blue insets on the sleeves. Clearly, the main detail was the blaugrana motif over the shoulders, an arch where blue excerpts interrupt a disruptive garnet red. 


Away, 1995/1997 - Kappa

Maybe is because we are talking about Guardiola's and young Ronaldo's Barça, but also the details and the unique colour palette made this Kappa's 1995/1997 jersey unforgettable for everyone, a true must-have for all the collectors. The geometrical motif made with parallelograms overlap, the teal dominating unite with hints of red and blue and the Kappa logo that is alternating with the club's name spasmodically repeated in vertical on the jersey are all elements that have made this shirt what it is, a true relic.


Home, 1999/2000 - Nike

Could we not insert the Centenary shirt? That was the first time that Barcelona wore a divided "in half" jersey, with the right part dyed red and the left one blue, the sleeves dark blue, the collar of the same colour and the crest and the swoosh that came one after the other vertically, separating the two crucial dates that were on that jersey: the 1899, year of foundation, and the 1999, current year.


Away, 2001/2002 - Nike

The season was 2001/2002, in the squad there were Riquelme, the de Boer brothers and young Xavi and Puyol, and Barcelona's away jersey was golden with a large dark blue band. In detail, the stripe on the front was delimited by two slim lines that were following the Barça's social colours, with the team crest and the Nike swoosh in columns one under the other on the chest. A classy touch, then, the wide collar, a must in those years.


Away, 2002/2003 - Nike

Simple and elegant in the same time this away jersey dark blue coloured and crossed by a diagonal band that goes from the left to the right and dyed in two tones, which are clearly blaugrana. Blue and red are also the details on the extremities of the sleeves and on the collar. What makes this jersey appreciable is its casual look: the collar and the colours make it more similar to a random polo than to a football jersey.



Away, 2013/2014 - Nike

Along with the captain's armband with the colors of Catalonia, the references to the region in which the city of Barcelona stands have always been innumerable, not only by individual players but also by the choice of the color of the shirts. For the 2013/2014 season, for example, a yellow and red striped uniform was chosen, with yellow sleeves with a red gradually forming and a two-tone circular collar. Just like the Senyera, the flag of Catalonia.