The racism problem in the world of football is a serious matter and in Great Britain instead of 'hiding the dust under the rug' by minimizing the events that have happened in recent months, they are trying to fight it actively, with all their strength: the latest collective initiative it is called ENOUGH., proposed by the association of professional English and Welsh footballers (the PFA) and immediately embraced by many players, not only by those who have been victims of bad gestures or wrong episodes, but also former players and professional teams, who they will remain silent on social networks for 24 hours protesting (posting a red pic with the word ENOUGH.) towards the racist and intimidating episodes that some players are too often involved with. As stated in the PFA press release, the boycott is not only:

"first step in a longer campaign to tackle racism in football" but "a show of unity by the players, and a call for stronger action to be taken by social networks and footballing authorities in response to racist abuse both on and off the pitch,". What the players ask, in fact, is not only the desire to receive total protection but also to be certain that the bad behaviors are punished more severely, directly affecting those responsible with certain measures.


A strong and unequivocal gesture of raise awareness, because racism in 2019 is something absolutely unacceptable, also and above all on the social networks: among the last cases that have been discussed there is what concerns the Manchester United player Ashley Young, heavily offended via Twitter, or that of Troy Deeney, the Watford captain who recently vented on Instagram after the insults received after the FA Cup semi-finals. But the problem is not just about virtual reality, of course: another English player was heavily offended with racist chants, and we are talking about Tottenham left-back Danny Rose during the Euro 2020 qualifying match that the Three Lions National team played in Montenegro. In the spiral of hatred there was also a striking case concerning the Serie A and which reached an enormous virality in all of Europe: the buuu turned towards Moise Kean in the Cagliari trip that raised yet another media fuss, as inevitable as it was absolutely dramatic.