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The map of Basketball courts in Milan

Game season has arrived

The map of Basketball courts in Milan Game season has arrived

Going to the playground is one of the most beautiful things in the world but not only because of basketball but for a whole series of things that are difficult to explain: the first is the light: the one that illuminates a court at three o'clock on a Saturday afternoon at the end of April is pure poetry, only those who "see" it can understand. The court is synonymous with freedom, it is popular and democratic; there are no differences and everyone can play against each other: from those who have never held a wedged ball in their hands to those who live their basketball life maybe playing in Serie B, from post-pubescent 18 year olds to the over-weight 50 year old who's well experienced and if you are not careful will bucket 15 baskets in a row in your face before you even figure out how he did it. On the court there are unwritten rules that apply to all latitudes, the fouls call and those who suffer from them do not protest, there is no need for a referee, there is only one principle: respect. Often times the courts do not have lighting and when the sun goes down another sport begins, "blind basketball". It is much more difficult than the illuminated one obviously, it counts on intuition and the muscle memory but the thing which is necessary to be more careful with is to avoid taking a ball in the face because you have not seen the pass, it hurts a lot.

Behind every court, there are stories of extraordinary men, of bad impressions and epic revenge.

As we said at the beginning, the good weather has finally arrived and the days are long so we at nss sports have decided to create a map with basketball courts around Milan  to help you choose your favourite or the nearest one to your home.

Have fun!