After the Leeds United's flop attempt of Leeds United and the recent Hull City project, another Championship club decided to renew their crest by focusing on the concept of identity: this time it was Bristol City, which opted for a modern and essential logo. The new badge will be round and the main protagonist will be the robin, the symbol of the English team since 1949. The colors chosen are the traditional ones: white, red and black. Between the old and the new badge there is a big difference: in the new one stands the number 1894, the year of the club's foundation as Bristol South End, which became Bristol City only three seasons later.

As often happens in sports rebranding operations, Bristol City actively involved its supporters, receiving over 3500 responses regarding the final proposal. The new crest will therefore replace the current one (which recalls the city of Bristol coat of arms) and will make its definitive debut next season: perhaps in the top flight, as they hope considering the current performance of the team. The Robins are running for a playoffs spot dreaming of the promotion in the Premier League that has been missing for over a century.