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Camillo Ciano is one of the most decisive players in Serie A

The Frosinone striker is proving to deserve a stage won at 28 years

Camillo Ciano is one of the most decisive players in Serie A The Frosinone striker is proving to deserve a stage won at 28 years

If they had told him a year ago that he would play in the same league as Cristiano Ronaldo, Camillo Ciano probably wouldn't have believed it. And if they had always told him a year ago that he would be on Cristiano Ronaldo in the ranking of the most decisive players for his team, he probably would have laughed. Today, however, the laughter leaves room for statistics: the Frosinone striker this season has scored 7 goals and provided 4 assists, effectively entering 52% of his team's goals (data: Transfermarkt). Cristiano Ronaldo, on the other hand, is "stopped" at 49%.

The curious statistic has been posted by a user on Reddit and obviously must be taken with gloves: it is not being said that Ciano is stronger than Cristiano Ronaldo, nor that he is more decisive than Portuguese. We don't even have to explain why. The numbers in question, however, highlight the importance of a player for a particular team. And then, with the data in hand, we can say (simplifying) that Ciano is more important for the Frosinone than Cristiano Ronaldo is for Juventus.


Where does Ciano come from?

The Ciano alien landed on the Serie A planet only this season, at the age of 28 (in the meantime it has made 29). The Frosinone striker is one of those players who had to do a lot of training before deserving the main stage, and it must be said that Ciano for his part seems to have fully earned the top flight: it is (also) thanks to his goals if last season the ciociari managed to achieve the promotion goal. Ciano closed his last Serie B campaign with 16 goals and 17 assists to the assets, realizing among other things two decisive goals in the double final of the play-offs against Palermo. His story, however, starts from farther away.


His left, the Insigne right foot and a Napoli’s Primavera where he dreamed big: Ciano was owned for several years by the blue club, which sent him on loan everywhere, waiting for his explosion. And so he from the age of 19 he tried to put himself in the spotlight with different shirts between the Serie C and Serie B: Lecco, Cavese, Crotone, Padova, Avellino. On 1 September 2014, Ciano was bought out of Parma outright, but the Emilians decided to turn it over to Crotone for a two-year loan. In Calabria, under the leadership of Massimo Drago, the attacker finally managed to establish himself more clearly, scoring 17 goals in a single season.

The summer of 2015 arrives, which also brings with it the failure of Parma: Ciano passes definitively to Crotone, but his stay in Calabria is short. The 1990 class moved to Cesena, where it once again embraced Massimo Drago. In the following two seasons, Ciano played 67 games, scoring 26 goals and establishing himself as one of the most reliable strikers in the cadet championship. For this reason, in July 2017, Frosinone decided to invest in him to aim for a return to Serie A. A choice that will prove to be apt.


Three goals to become attached to him

First, however, the characteristics that make it truly Ciano: powerful and precise left, ability to vary on the whole offensive front, ability to catalyze the attention both of his companions and of his opponents. Ciano is a man-team, flexible, good at both the construction and finishing stages, as shown by the data previously seen. As selfless as ruthless, master of free kicks and long-range shots. All good reasons to become attached to him. If that's not enough, here are three beautiful goals:

#1 Distance bomb

Directly from the manual "How to break a door with the left", 2017/2018 edition.



#2 Serie A Goal

A goal, scored against Palermo in the playoff final match, that smacks of liberation. Rejoicing of the whole bench included.




#3 Perfection on punishment

For those interested, Ciano gives repetitions of free kicks on Thursdays from 17:00 to 19:00 at Benito Stirpe.



Returning for a moment to the numbers, there is another interesting statistic concerning Ciano: after Belotti and Berardi, the Frosinone striker is the one who has suffered the most fouls in this Serie A. Evidently the defenders (and not only) have caught his dangerousness, while he is continuing to fight with his team to avoid returning to cadet purgatory. The road is uphill and the relegation of Frosinone (penultimate with 17 points, to -8 from salvation) seems ever closer.

Ciano for his part is continuing to do his best, to score goals and assist, to kick his opponents. We do not yet know if the ciociari will be able to save themselves, but we are rather convinced of the fact that in summer there will be at least one team from A that will decide to invest in the talent of this 29-year-old boy, who has shown he deserves the highest series. In summary, Ciano must stay. Also because now we are fond of him.