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The Total 90 are back in the game

Nike takes a dip into the past, relaunching a limited series of the T90 Laser 1 "Zeit" worn by Rooney, Torres and Gattuso

The Total 90 are back in the game Nike takes a dip into the past, relaunching a limited series of the T90 Laser 1 Zeit worn by Rooney, Torres and Gattuso

You understand that the day could have been worse when Nike announces to re-launch probably the most beautiful model of the Total 90 line, reasonably that better than any other has written the history of the last 20 years of Nike football. The Nike T90 Laser 1 returns from the archive, preserving all those elements that have made it a real grail for fans and an object of desire for all those children who grew up at the beginning of the 2000s.

Nike takes us back in time when Milan and United were the best teams in Europe and the commercials were jealously guarded in Motorola and Nokia.

The colorway re-released by Nike is the "Zeit", the one in a bright yellow, which colors almost the entire surface of the shoe, with the exception of black in the laces area and in the sole, in which the design of foot bones it's the same as in the OG model, launched in the spring of 2007. The studs are the only novelty, as they resemble the hexagonal ones of the Hypervenom 3. On the front and in the heel is placed the "totalninety" write.  Abandon your dreams of glory, the 2000 pairs of boots, numbered on the sole, went sold-out a few hours after the official launch. However, it is hoped that the T90 Laser is just the beginning of a campaign that, drawing on the historical archive, proposes a series of Nike's gold nuggets. The choice would be in line with the tendency of many other competitors like adidas and PUMA to look more and more at past designs for modern collections.

The Nike T90 Laser 1, born as a sequence of the "Air Zoom" line, was pushed as the shoe that combines precision and shooting power, even for players like Gattuso, protagonist, along with Wayne Rooney, Luis Figo and Fernando Torres, of many Total90 advertising campaigns. Nike had studied that 70% of the goals were made with the instep, this led to the choice of creating the Power Zone. This part of the upper, characterized by the number 90, prevented the laces and seams from affecting the accuracy of the shots, expanding the contact surface between the foot and the ball. After some rumors of the past few months, Figo did warn of a return of the T90 Laser via an Instagram post. Withdrawn almost all the former faces of the T90 Laser, the player who according to Nike combines the best precision and power is Harry Kane, will he be the most accurate player in the world who was looking for the Sanchez Brother in the cult series of Nike commercials?