Lionel Messi started 2019 with quite the right foot: FC Barcelona's star has just scored his 51st career hat-trick, keeping to rewrite the history not only of the Blaugrana club, but also of modern football. At the moment we are writing (and we have to specify this as its numerical performance grows from game to game), Messi is close to reach the goal number 600 with Barça's shirt: at the moment he scored 412 times in La Liga, 108 in the Champions League and 50 in the Copa del Rey.

As is well-known, FC Barcelona was the only team in the career of the five-time Golden Ball winner, and this allowed him, in the 15 seasons played in La Liga, to score against almost against all the opponents he met. If we add to this the European goals and those signed around the world with the Albiceleste, the Messi's count becomes practically infinite: that's why we decided to create the map of all the stadiums where 'la Pulga' has scored at least once (friendly games excluded), as we did for Cristiano Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic.


Red - FC Barcelona 
Blue - Argentina