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AcidFC has designed a European Union jersey

A project blending Brexit with the 1994 World Cup and '80s ravers

AcidFC has designed a European Union jersey A project blending Brexit with the 1994 World Cup and '80s ravers

Football, fashion and a mix of psychedelics are the recipe of the English brand AcidFC. The new EU Football Jersey was born in London as the shirt of the European National Team, the hypothetical team famous in the 2000s, when apocalyptic matches between Europe and the Rest of the World would be organized. The jersey also has a polemical message against the English political situation. The project aims to defend and enhance multiculturalism, typical of London and the true value of football in general.
As AcidFC swims against the tide, drawing inspiration from the underground counter-cultures of the past. As Ed, one of the brand members told us:

"To understand AcidFC think of the counter cultures of 60s psychedelia and the late 80s Acid House. How they led to an explosion of disruptive and enlightening culture that left its mark to this day. More crucial to us was the fact that the late 80s rave scene had a profound effect on the British hooligans as hatred between rival crews was dissipated by the effects of ecstasy."

AcidFC has found a way to connect the vibrations that soccer causes, to those that you can feel under the console of a club. Negativity and politically incorrect messages abate with few certainties, deeply English: pubs, beer and football.

Photographer Liam Ricketts chose a pub to shoot the campaign for the EU jersey, a location that has its advantages, such as satisfying the need of a pint at 8 am or a free toilet. The shirt has a yellow and blue pattern, inspired by the colours of the European Union and the iconic USA jersey at the 1994 World Cup. A more fashionable than sporty design, with a disrupted pattern featuring stars and two logos of the brand on the right, and the crest of the team on the left. AcidFC it's not just a fashion brand

"As well as making clothing, we are a graphic design studio with a complete focus on football. Within the work we undertake, at least 50% of the work done on a voluntary basis for like-minded projects built on equality for all."

We don't know what to expect from AcidFC but as they told us, the aims of the brand are clear.

"Our hope is to grow the AcidFC studio - both the clothing (including football kits) and the design side, so that we can bring a bit of joy and unity to football and its culture. Something that's a bit different from the huge brands that dominate the landscape in 2019. Most importantly if it doesn't make us smile then it won't happen. We intend to be the happiest football brand out there!"



The full print shirt is available now in a limited edition of 250 pieces.