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adidas unveils Spain, Germany and Sweden kits for the FIFA Women's World Cup

Getting ready with adidas

adidas unveils Spain, Germany and Sweden kits for the FIFA Women's World Cup Getting ready with adidas

There are only a few details left to unveil to complete the framework of the Women's World Cup, which will be held this summer in France from 7 June to 7 July. The event has reached its eighth edition and will involve 24 teams, divided into 4 groups of 6 teams, for a total of 52 games, which will be played in 9 different French cities, for which they were made of beautiful posters. Last weekend, on the occasion of the celebrations for the women's day, the 3 sweaters of its most representative national teams were presented by adidas: Spain, Germany and Sweden. The design differs from the models used by the male teams but preserves the symbols, the colors and the national organization, among the elements that most characterize a World Cup.



For the La Roja Home uniform, adidas respect the red color. In continuity with the choices made by the brand in recent years, geometric patterns and rhombuses come back, arranged on the side of the adidas logo. The collar and the Three Stripes are navy blue, as are the shorts, inside which the three yellow stripes are inserted, the same color scheme chosen for the socks. The yellow also surrounds the crest of the Spanish team. 



The jersey chosen for the German national team is a tribute to the model worn in 1989 when the German women's national team won the European title. A design that does not stand out from the one used by male colleagues and exploits the contrast between the white background with black, red and yellow. In this case too, it is played on digital motifs, with a nostalgic taste. The shorts are in black, which is the color that characterizes the three stripes, the logos and squared numbers of the jersey. The socks have a clean and white design. The second shirt is Bordeaux while for the goalkeepers the blue has been chosen as color.



The Swedish is one of the Nationals with the most characteristic colors among the 24 participants. Yellow is combined with blue, which, like the kits of Germany and Spain, characterizes geometric graphics. Unlike the other two, the crest is central, to mark the effect of symmetry and cleanliness. The numbers are the real peculiarity of this kit. To honor women, the Swedish Federation has decided to include within each figure the faces of some women who have made the history of the nation. It will be the public instead to choose the faces to insert in the only shirt that is missing the call, that number 8, which will be presented before the friendly match against Germany, on April, 6.



On adidas website is possible to buy the kit of Sweden, Germany e Spain