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The PSG record: one million jerseys sold for the season

The number and the reasons of the Paris Saint-Germain economic success

The PSG record: one million jerseys sold for the season The number and the reasons of the Paris Saint-Germain economic success

Paris Saint-Germain is playing a key role in the development and spread of soccer jerseys on levels parallel to the purely sporting one. The Paris team in the last year has gained considerable credibility also in the fashion world, taking advantage of the strategy adopted by many brands to focus their collection on streatwear. This allowed the club to attract the attention of a wider range of consumers and exponentially implement the number of jerseys sold and, as a direct result, the gains.

The topic returns actually in these days, in which the number of jerseys sold is reaching one million pieces. The reasons for this success are different and traceable to precise marketing choices taken by the club, which have demonstrated an entrepreneurial ability that has been underestimated for a long time.

One of the reasons for sales success is purely aesthetic. The design of the PSG kit is clean, the colors are versatile and make it one of the most wearable even outside of extra-football contexts. A further reason is the quality and interest that Tuchel's players are able to attract to themselves, thanks to their social activities and social activity outside the field.

The economic investments that initially aroused more than one perplexity have proven to be smart marketing strategies, "We will earn more than we have invested" Al Khaelaifi declared on the day of Neymar's presentation in the summer of 2017, a prophecy that is actually being realized. Last year the number of jerseys sold by the Brazilian player accounted for 30% of the total. Only on the day of the presentation in Paris were sold out in a few hours all 100 thousand jerseys - cost € 140 each - available in the two official stores of Paris Saint-Germain, for total revenue of 1 million euro. In one day Ney's sold jerseys exceeded those of Di Maria in an entire season.

The event that is determining the record of this season is to be attributed to the collaboration with Jordan Brand, the first among the most famous and influential basketball brand in the world and a football team. A collection released in two different times of the year, the first in October, for the debut of the team in the 2018/2019 Champions League, the second a few weeks ago, on the eve of the match won against Manchester United. The collection with Jordan, more addressed to lifestyle rather than sportswear, has achieved a justified and predictable success, which has allowed the repositioning of the PSG brand especially in the American market. Jordan played a key role in this sense and US jersey sales grew by 470%.

The number of jerseys sold is only one of many indices that shows the growth of the club after the acquisition by Quatar Sports Investments group. From 250 thousand to 900 thousand of last season, a number destined to be exceeded shortly. Despite everything, the Paris Saint-Germain is only the fourth team for the number of jerseys sold, behind Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United.