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Skechers trolls Nike on Zion Williamson broken shoe

Classy move from Skechers

Skechers trolls Nike on Zion Williamson broken shoe Classy move from Skechers

We could make a parallel between the explosion of the left shoe, a Nike PG 2.5, by Zion Williamson and the media attention that the news has had and continues to have. But let's line up the events: 

Zion Williamson (18) is the best prospect of American college basketball, real wrath of God from a physical point of view. Playing Duke and the next NBA draft could be the first pick if he decides to become eligible.
On February 20th, one of the most awaited games of the NCCA, a historic rivalry between Duke and North Carolina, was played.
To see the game there was also Barack Obama but everyone's attention was on Zion and his impact in such an important game. After 30 seconds from the beginning, however, at the first possession, in a change of direction, the left eighteen shoe from Duke University literally explodes causing distortion to the right knee and the consequent abandonment of the field. Mike Krzyzewski's team will lose not only his most important player but also the game (88-72).

From here on, chaos. In the NCAA, the players wear sneakers provided by the brand with which the university has signed the sponsorship contract, in this case, the University of Durham "dresses" Nike (it will do so for the next 8 years) and all its players, being students cannot sign custom sponsorship contracts, they play, in official competitions, with a pair of shoes from the Beaverton company, Oregon.
Immediately, there are controversial matches to the fact that the college players are not professionals and that, for the NBA rules, everyone must play at least a year at university before disembarking upstairs with all the risks that come with it (injuries primarily). Everyone wanted to say their own on the issue, and it seems that they are even thinking about changing the rules for draft eligibility.
There were no reactions from companies; Nike itself stated that an internal investigation is still underway to understand the reasons for the explosion:

"We are obviously worried and wish Zion a quick recovery.The quality and performance of our products are of the greatest importance, even if it is an isolated case, we are working to identify the problem"

In the day following the accident, Nike suffered a fairly worrying stock market crash by burning $ 1.1 billion. The competitors of Nike did not miss the opportunity to destabilize the hegemony of the company of Beaverton in the world of basketball sneakers: for example, PUMA has published a tweet, then immediately canceled, in which he claimed that if Zion had worn their shoe this would never happen.
Considering how much appeal there is around the 18-year-old from Duke these skirmishes we had to wait for them.
But what nobody expected was what the American sneaker brand Skechers decided to do. 

Skechers is a minor brand in the game of basketball sneakers and no NBA player wears the shoes of the Californian brand but evidently aims to destabilize the environment and enters a tense leg inventing an ad hoc slogan trolling Nike, "Just Blew It" (paraphrasing 'iconic "Just Do It") evidently aims to carve out its space by exploiting the Zion case.
The Californian brand published an advertisement on Wall Street Journal and New York Times, buying a half-page in two of the most widely read newspapers in the United States, where they see basketball shoes very similar to the Nike PG 2.5 Zion where the left has just exploded and with a significant claim: "We will not split on you", a sort of promise that knows a lot of controversies.

Controversy to which Skechers seems to be accustomed indeed, already in 2013 the Federal Trade Commission decided that Skechers would have to pay 40 million dollars of fine for "misleading advertising" about the "Shape-Up" campaign, a model that, according to 'company, would help people lose weight, tone the buttocks, legs and abdominal muscles.
According to CNN, Skechers has released over 500,000 checks to reimburse those who bought the "Shape-Up" after advertising campaigns paid millions with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian who also shot a spot on the matter aired during the Super Bowl 2011. In addition, in May 2018 he filed a lawsuit against adidas for unfair competition accusing the German company of having paid hundreds of thousands of dollars underpaid to high school basketball players and their families to get them to wear their products.
Nike was the most accredited company to sign Zion once in the NBA but with the February 20th accident, things could have changed and it has not, at least until now, responded to the advertising campaign launched by the Manhattan Beach company.
Who knows maybe Zion Williamson will be the first NBA player to wear Skechers?