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Ask me about James "Jimmy" Goldstein

One of the most picturesque personality of the American showbiz

Ask me about James Jimmy Goldstein  One of the most picturesque personality of the American showbiz

Let's start by saying that it is very difficult to explain who James F. Goldstein called "Jimmy" is. 
Wikipedia defines him "American millionaire NBA superfan", the great grey eminence of the NBA, a great friend of the players, an American basketball guru behind the scenes, an entrepreneur in the fashion world, an architecture lover - we'll talk about his humble abode - or all these things together and much more.
Season ticket holder on the sideline with the Los Angeles Lakers (since the franchise moved to California from Minneapolis) and with the Clippers, before the games all go to bring their greetings to Jimmy and when I say all I mean everyone, players, coaches, journalists, celebrities, holding an audience, which in NBA is very rare in fact it only happens with him.

The former NBA commissioner, David Stern, once said about him: "He probably has the largest investment of any fan in America, so we get a kick out of him. He has got quite a flair, and we love him as a sort of a superfan." And in fact in addition to watching ALL the matches staged in Los Angeles, when the playoffs start spinning like a top all the arenas of the league not to lose even a game that counts.

Define his look eccentric is euphemistic: he buys his clothes in Italy and used to occupy an entire floor at the Four Seasons hotel in Via Gesù, in Milan. When Mr. Goldstein goes to shopping, the store stops any other activity, closes and reopens when he has finished and gone.
His notoriety and above all his credibility with the NBA players has risen dramatically touching unreachable peaks when, during a series of playoffs between Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs, Hakeem Olajuwon one of the first three pivots of all time, he found himself under against David Robinson, Goldstein approached him and said: "Hey Hakeem, listen to me: you have to do these types of movements against David, you have to beat him in this way, he suffers in that particular situation and attack him there".
Do you know how that playoff series went? Hakeem sweeps away Robinson and the Houston Rockets win it.
Nobody knows what Jimmy told to Hakeem, neither of them wanted to reveal the secrets of that conversation, but the fact is that from that day on, Jimmy becomes Jimmy.

If you ask him a question he will answer you after about 5/6 seconds; a unrepeatable character, in his bedroom, full of his jackets, he shows off a different one in every occasion and also has one of ties. He has a thousand moving on an electric clothes door like in the dyeing house, but he does not dress one. Now, we've to talk about talk his house. It looks like a super villain of the 1960s James Bond films, we shot one of the cult films of the history of cinema like "The Great Lebowsky", an absolute masterpiece signed by one of the most brilliant contemporary architects, John Lautner, with whom Jimmy worked arm-to-arm to carry out the project until the day of his death in 1994. The most beautiful house in Los Angeles is located on the Bel Air hills and is 150 meters from the 10050 of Cielo Drive (today 10066 Cielo Drive), where in 1969 in his house, Sharon Tate (at the time the wife of Roman Polanski) was brutally killed along with four friends by Charles Manson and his sect.

After that terrible tragedy, the houses around that, which were worth around 10 million dollars to understand each other, had a collapse and no one wanted them anymore, for 4/5 years their value fell by a third. Jimmy bought what became the Sheats-Goldstein Residence in 1972 for 182,000 dollars, practically nothing and together with Lautner has made that house a marvel of contemporary architecture.
For fifteen years the two talked about how to improve this house, Jimmy remembers the work with John like this:

"I wanted to take the house to a much higher level than it was originally, and he and I worked together on this house for 15 years before he died in 1994. We've always had a great relationship, he never wanted to impose his point of view and has always listened to my proposals. It was great to work with him all this time"











No one knows exactly how he became a multimillionaire and when asked this specific question he tends to improvise, as well as on the court in the NBA does not miss his presence at every fashion week in the world, spotted both here in Milan last week and in Paris during this and he founded his own brand James Goldestein Couture.
In case you asked him, his three passions are: "Fashion, Architecture and Basketball" and they are all marked on his unique and incredible visiting card. Another of its peculiarities are the women with which it accompanies, all super models over a meter eighty. 

There is only one James "Jimmy" Goldstein.