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The new Los Angeles FC away jersey

"Street by Street": an unusual mix of white and grey inspired by the Californian city

The new Los Angeles FC away jersey Street by Street: an unusual mix of white and grey inspired by the Californian city

The beginning of the new MLS season is about to start and Los Angeles FC, that will partecipate for the second consecutive time, have presented their new away kit, signed adidas like all the jerseys of the greatest American football league. The uniform, announced with the name "Street by Street" have a characteristic street look, with a completely new pattern with horizontal stripes inspired by the popular context of Los Angeles' streets. The colors do not respect those of last season, introducing the grey and accentuating the white and the tones of black and gold: in the internal part of the collar where we find the writing "Shoulder by Shoulder" - to represent the spirit of brotherhood of the supporters of the club that "together founded the club" - and on the jock tag at the bottom left where the words "Street by Street, Block by Block, One by One" are headed. The predominant color is still white (like 20 of the 24 MLS franchises), with YouTubeTV that remained as main sponsor.

The kit is completed with plain color shorts and socks.

The special detail of the jersey is surely the horizontal stripes motif that borns on the texture. The weave, very similar to that one saw on the Mexico's jersey for the 2019 Gold Cup, sees some thicker grey stripes mark the jersey, with other more thin stripes that emphasize the background. Among these, there are some irregular lines that show up to "disturb" the pattern. Carlos Vela & his teammates have already worn the new jersey in the occasion of the friendly against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

The jersey is already available on the MLS online store.