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COP or DROP: Nicolás Schiappacasse x Parma

On loan at Parma until 2020 there is a very talented South American striker

COP or DROP: Nicolás Schiappacasse x Parma On loan at Parma until 2020 there is a very talented South American striker

Item: Nicolás Javier Schiappacasse Oliva

Brand: Parma Calcio

Made in: Uruguay

Release date: 12/1/1999

Price: €1M

We saw several unexpected signings in January: some, like that of Lucas Piazon to Chievo, finished up immediately in the list of completely random purchases; others, like that of Nicolás Schiappacasse in Parma, are all to be deciphered. The young Uruguayan striker has just arrived in Emilia, because he spent the entire January with his National team in the South American Sub20 tournament and was presented with a lot of delay. But his transfer is already discussed: it will be for his particular surname, it will be because there are good feedbacks about him. The Football Manager's addicted already know him, but many of you have never heard of him. So let's find out who is he in the new episode of our COP or DROP column.


Best Case Scenario: Sergio Aguero


At the moment the only two things that the two players have in common are the former team, Atletico Madrid, and the number on their shoulders, 10: Schiappacasse has indeed opted for the shirt already worn by Zola, Morfeo, Nakata and Valdes. Afraid of wearing it? Nothing at all: the Uruguayan already used to dressing it with the Uruguayan young selections. By the way, during the last South American Sub20 Nicolas scored four goals, finishing the tournament as a vice top scorer. He has the scoring ability in his DNA and getting used to playing against Italian defenses right away can only help him to perfect his skill.


Worst Case Scenario: Edu Vargas


Playing in Serie A does not mean automatically acquiring the instinct killer of the top forward. Take as an example another South American striker with similar characteristics which played in Serie A as Edu Vargas: the former Chilean striker of Napoli arrived in Italy with the visiting card of the great talent but never managed to overcome the steps of growth necessary to become a big. Now, at the age of 30, he has achieved great satisfaction with his national team but now ended up playing in Mexico after failing in Europe. What no one wishes for the future of Schiappacasse.


Expected Scenario: Luis Muriel


Analyzing the skills that the 20 years old Uruguayan has shown up, what catches ours eyes are his execution speed and how he occupies the opposing penalty area. Schiappacasse can play both as striker but prefers to be used as a winger, even better if moved from the left side of the attack. It's implied that the margins of growth are still almost infinite, but a striker who could be inspired, even considering his physical characteristics, is the Colombian Colombian Luis Muriel. In the meantime, however, in Parma could improve other types of play, studying as Inglese subs.





Before sending him go to Parma, where he is on loan for 18 months, Atletico Madrid had lent him to the Spanish Segunda Division at Rayo Majadahonda, a so unpronounceable club to put also Alessandro Lucarelli in difficulty. Despite playing a little, with the Iberian team he also had time to score the winning goal against Numancia. But his best efficiency is that with the Celeste shirt: 32 goals between Under 15, Under 17 and Under 20.