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New Nike campaign "Just Do It – Nulla può fermarci"

The new Nike movement led by young female athletes

New Nike campaign Just Do It – Nulla può fermarci The new Nike movement led by young female athletes

Athletes, champions, strong, determined, women. They are the protagonists of the latest movement signed Nike Just Do It - Nulla può fermarci, campaign promoted by the brand to encourage young women to approach the sport through the voice of the Paralympic champion Bebe Vio, of the football players Sara Gama and Benedetta Glionna, of the basketball player Ilaria Panzera, of the runners Ayomide Folorunso, Raphaela Lukudo, Maria Benedicta Chigbolu, Libania Grenot and many others.

"Sport makes us become autonomous and aware of our abilities, it gives us the strength to overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable to us. - explains Bebe Vio - The girls have a real power in their hands and we must make us feel and make it clear that times have changed, it is now time to take our future in our hand when we want to realize our 'absurd dreams'."

Through their testimony, Nike communicates the importance of sport in everyday life as a key element for physical and mental growth, at a history time in which teenagers abandon physical activity too early. According to a recent study conducted by the SIP, about 40% of Italian teenagers, in the age group between 13 and 14 years old, does not practice any sport activity. This early abandonment, explains Silvano Bertelloni -adolescent expert of the University of Pisa - is often caused by the disillusionment produced by the results. Those who approach sport with the ambition of becoming a champion will hardly continue the activity when they realize that this possibility is objectively precluded. Figures such as Bebe Vio, or the football players Sara Gama and Benedetta Glionna (respectively defender and striker of Juventus women's team) witness the importance of "not giving up when there are obstacles and difficulties" and of how determination can be synonymous of personal success.

Nike promotes this women's movement through the organization of an extensive program in Milan of events and experiences. The girls participants can do activities such as football, basketball, dance, training, or to partecipate at the Nike Running Sessions: a series of running sessions and meetings with the best Nike athletes to raise awareness of the culture and power of running. This month will also resume the Nike Football Masterclass, football training dedicated to girls led by the greatest champions of the series A Female and Male. From February 14th you can also attend the NTC (Nike Training Club) Vibes, monthly events dedicated to training, yoga, cross-fit and dance that will involve community, crew and sports clubs.

To discover the complete program and join the activities, just go to the Nike online site.