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Three crazy stories about one of the best strikers of all time

We are talking about Romário "O Baixinho", of course

Three crazy stories about one of the best strikers of all time We are talking about Romário O Baixinho, of course

"Pelé is a poet. When he's shut up."
(Romário de Souza Faria)

757 goals in official matches, world champion in 1994 and poisonous snake movements in the penalty area. One of the strongest strikers in the history of the game and at the same time picaresque character, a malandro, a Portuguese term that defines a person with a lifestyle that tends to idleness, who lives by expedients that also result in the illicit and that is traditionally celebrated in the samba songs.

Romário de Souza Faria, better known only as Romário, or with his nickname "O Baixinho" (the short one), 167 cm of Brazilian cazzimma, absolutely indifferent and detached from all that surrounded him and a sinister and implacable ability to turning any ball into a goal in the penalty area. According to the defenders of the 90s, Romário was the most unmarkable striker in the 16-18 meters, absolutely impregnable.
Alessandro "Billy" Costacurta, talks about like this:

"Romário when he touches the ball emits a magical sound, tum tum tum, touches him many times in a few meters and then has the ability to understand when his opponent moves but above all he understands first the movements of his teammates to pass the ball. In the penalty area is unmarkable."


His nature fascinates us in an almost fetishist way, we are attracted by his ability to demolish the opposing defenses with movements from the sambodromo scoring a hat-trick and maybe the night before he had gone to drink cachaça in the company of young maid.

These are three crazy stories of the adventurous life of Romário de Souza Faria:


3. The bet with Johan Cruijff 

When Romário played for Barcelona and Cruijff was the coach, the two made a bet and it was Johan himself who told how the matter went: 

"One day Romário asked me for 3 days of permission to go to the Rio carnival. I replied: 'If you score 2 goals tomorrow, I'll give you 2 days of rest more than the others'. The following day Romario scored 2 goals in the first 20 minutes and immediately after scoring the second he asked me to go out. I asked him what had happened and approached he told me: 'Mister, my plane to Rio leaves in an hour'. I had no choice and kept my promise." 


2. The taxi, Ronaldo and the Copa America 1997 

Also in this case the story was made known by those who lived the incident, Ronaldo told how during the Copa America '97, won by Brazil after eight years of abstinence, Romário "began" to sex his young companion of national and things went like this, every night:

"We went down the back of the hotel of our retreat: Romário was the first to climb over the wall and soon after I came in. Meanwhile, on the other side of the street, there was a taxi waiting for us and we spent our nights in good company."


1. The night before the final of the USA '94 World Cup

Immediately after those penalties that gave Brazil "o tetra", or the fourth world championship, Romário candidly admitted having sex the night before the final of Pasadena but that unlike our number 10, Roberto Baggio, he his penalty he had marked it, while Baggio did not, and therefore by assonance, he imagined and insinuated that Roberto had spent a more boring eve night than his own and that it had been of no use to him. Soon Monica, Romário's wife, will ask for a divorce. Divorce that actually arrived the following year. Evidently she was not the woman with whom "O Baixinho" spent the night before the great triumph.