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The Jarrett Allen Blocks

In his second season NBA, blocked them all

The Jarrett Allen Blocks In his second season NBA, blocked them all

Do not be fooled by the afro on his head, Jarrett Allen is a beast.
Number 31 of the Brooklyn Nets is in his second year in the NBA and just 20 years old he has become one of the league's best rim protectors at a 1,5 block per game. The thing that impresses, in addition to the athletic skills and the perfect timing, is that Jarrett this season has stopped the league's best players: LeBron James, Blake GriffinGiannīs Antetokounmpo, Anthony Davis and yesterday, in his personal collection, also added the MVP of last season and on the right way to make a nice back-to-back, James Harden.

We decided to put together the 5 best blocks of Jarrett Allen to the NBA superstars


5. Jarrett Allen vs Anthony Davis

In the third quarter of the game between Pelicans and Nets, Davis tried to score but the attempt was sent back with losses to the sender from Jarrett.



4. Jarrett Allen vs Giannīs Antetokounmpo

In between Christmas and New Year's the Nets made a trip to Milwaukee and in the first quarter Giannīs tried one of his "Gyro-steps" that usually end with a dunk that also blows the alarms in the parking of the Fiserv Forum but not this time. Allen canceled it. 




3. Jarrett Allen vs James Harden

Blocking Harden without getting a foul called is hard enough but not for our Jarrett. Yesterday, just a few seconds left at the end of the second quarter and Harden wanted to go to the locker room with a dunk that made him understand who is in Houston but there was someone who did not agree.



2. Jarrett Allen vs Blake Griffin 

Let's go back to the pre-season for an anthology block on one of the most terrifying NBA dunkers, Blake Griffin. Blake was about to nail a monstrous dunk and posterize Jarrett. No way. 





1. Jarrett Allen vs LeBron James

Jarrett was guilty of lese-majesty and has nailed the king as very few, perhaps none, he had managed to do until now. A few days before Christmas the Lakers visited the Nets at the Barclays Center and after just a minute from the start LeBron started out as a half-transitional freight train in the center of the Nets area to destroy the rim and the Brooklyn'hope. Jarrett, who I believe the word scary does not even know what it means, has stopped with a one hand that train launched at high speed. There is a data to keep in mind to better evaluate this block, it was just the ninth time in 1,850 dunk attempts that LeBron had been blocked.




Bonus Track: Jarrett Allen vs Kevin Knox

Maybe the best block of the season, but not against an NBA superstar but it was against a top draft pick from this year's class, Kevin Knox. Jarrett has decided to give his personal welcome in the league to Knicks rookie.