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The best football jerseys of the 2018

According to nss sports' staff preferences

The best football jerseys of the 2018 According to nss sports' staff preferences

2018 is quite over, and as we say in these moments when we need a sentence, 'it's time to throw conclusions'. Talking about football jerseys is part of our weekly routine, but first of all it's our passion. We made the list of the best 2018/19 Champions League and Europa League jerseys, but now, even if it was not easy, we wanted to decide which ones we put into a Top 10, choosing the best ten views during the whole year. Without any ranking, because they are all beautiful in a different way.


Nigeria home, Nike


On the shirt with which Nigeria has played the Russian World Cup we we said almost everything: the day on which was presented, the success and the very quick sold-out, the London Design Award nomination. Very few of you have managed to buy it, for those who did not succeed you can only admire it.


V-Varen Nagasaki away, Hummel


The Japanese J-League has accustomed us well, as to taste in designing the sweaters. Those of the Japanese team is a real gem and we could not leave it out of our final classification. If you want to know more about the pattern, here is all explained here.


Tibet, COPA


We do not care that Tibet is not a FIFA member and not even of AFC and does not take part in international tournaments, the 'flag' shirt produced by the COPA Dutch is nothing short of sensational, we had already talked about it here.


England home, Nike


That of Nike with the shirt of the English national team was so clamorous as it was easy: it was enough to eliminate all the superfluous details and make the shirt very simple, thus highlighting the emblem with the 3 Lions and the red number on the chest.


Corinthians third, Nike

The Brazilians have hypothesized this in unsuspected times and then they really did it: they created a special jersey dedicated to Ayrton Senna at 20 after his untimely death. A masterpiece.


Porto third, New Balance

Applause also for those of New Balance, who wanted to entrust to a street artist fan of the Portuguese club the creation of a kit with a shining effect, very original: the main reason why we would be hours to see Porto play. 


Everton third, Umbro 

Umbro is a guarantee, as we know, and this year they are still outdated with the detail of the double diamonds on the sleeves. All three Everton 2018/19 jerseys are real gems, among the three we chose the third because more imaginative.


Liverpool 'Blackout', New Balance

Well the Everton, well also the 'cousins' of Liverpool: when 2018 seemed to come to an end without particular jitters, New Balance presented a total black limited edition jersey, sold out too quickly to be able to buy it. Lucky who made it.


PSG Champions League, Jordan

We trust that the black jerseys really like a mess, and then the one that made Jordan for PSG is an absolute gem, being the first of the American brand for a football club. Too bad that the French champions wear it only for European competitions.


Betis Seville away Retro Soccer Collection, Kappa


A few days ago Kappa unveiled the project (and some beautiful pics) of the new vintage collection, dedicated to a great Spanish football team, Betis Sevilla. Two shirts (one green and one white) really magnificent.