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5 football jerseys to wear for Christmas lunch

How to choose the perfect outfit with your relatives

5 football jerseys to wear for Christmas lunch How to choose the perfect outfit with your relatives

The Christmas lunch is incumbent and you must be ready both from the physical point of view that from the aesthetic point of view: the advice is to eat a little earlier to gobble then, to pull the brake in the days before and then accelerate the 25, at the table.

Ok, we're ok about the food. And with clothes?

So: if lunch takes place at your home with the closest relatives, a suit is fine too. A whole of a football team, of course. And under the suit, always obviously, a matching sweater should be put. Several hypotheses on the plate, the important thing is not to lose the Christmas spirit, which must be preserved trying to remain in that limbo halfway between the Cholism and Santa Clausism. Here there are 5 football shirts to wear while eating everything:


#1 Udinese/Antonio Di Natale


Discounted, banal, wonderfully December 25: Totò brings Christmas in the surname, with him is a party every day, it scores a lot and in every way possible. Wearing your shirt you could receive an assist as a gift, or a qualification in the Champions League. Bonus siblings: if you have a little brother, immediately give him a shirt from Sanchez to enter the legend and leave all your relatives to stone.


#2 Atalanta/Cristiano Doni vs AS Roma/Doni

What Christmas would be without presents? Difficult to find a shirt by Donadoni, it is easier to make up for the other two good variations: the choice will therefore be between Cristiano Doni's Atalanta jersey and the yellow goal of Don's goalkeeper. With the latter you could also swallow to take on the look of the Brazilian goalkeeper, while with the atalantina shirt you would have the opportunity to tell your uncle that his chin is dirty with sauce.


#3 PSG/Javier Pastore

Thinner, but still Christmas: an eye to the nativity scene, to the sheep, to all the shepherds who come down from the mountains to see the new born. Of Pastore we take the shirt of the PSG to give a more international touch to our Christmas, but with the stated aim to bully the smaller cousin with goals on the heel flight and to eat the panettone to Di Francesco.


#4 Paraguay/Roque Santa Cruz

An alternative with the national jersey was granted, and then we pay homage to Santa Claus himself and his name across the Channel: Santa Cruz, with the possibility of sticking adhesive tape on the last three letters and making him Santa Claus. And if the man dressed in red came from Paraguay? Roque's alternative shirt: that of Blackburn.


#5 Rennes jersey

Lapland, Costa Rica...but where would Santa be without his reindeer? Nowhere, so to do the hipster you could choose the Rennes and wear the shirt of M'Baye Niang, or that of Grenier (yes, the former AS Roma).


Bonus jersey - AS Roma or Inter/Juan Jesus

To feel protagonists, with a shirt or with the other.