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Copa90 documentary about Libertadores' Superclásico

It should have been the ultimate "Derby Days" but it became something else

Copa90 documentary about Libertadores' Superclásico It should have been the ultimate Derby Days but it became something else

'Imagine Barcelona and Real Madrid meeting in the final of the Champions League times 100!'

A week after the end of the Copa Libertadores final, Copa90 has released the documentary filmed in Argentina from the beginning of the two weeks between the first leg and the return leg, The Biggest Game of All Time: the best way to relive those very hot days, full of expectation and fear of being defeated by the most important game in the history of Argentine football, the one that would have changed the fate of the two clubs forever. We have never missed an episode of Derby Days, we could not watch it immediately, even if what was to become the episode of anthology of the series on derbies around the world was deprived of the second part (the delay of the Monumental final), without losing quality and contents.

Copa90's director and frontman, Australian Eli Mengem, went to Buenos Aires on the eve of the match at Bombonera and stayed up to the one that had to play at Monumental, he met fans on both sides and interviewed hinchas, barbers and taxi drivers in tears but also local journalists, he breathed the atmosphere of La Boca streets and that of the neighborhood of Nuñez, has collected stories and pills of this historic rivalry but above all was into the delirium of the stands during the 2-2 of the first match and during the second one which in the end no longer took place. His work was a direct and fascinating story, a masterpiece of journalism shot very well, which has brought us into the reality of the most awaited game in the history of South American football as no one had managed to do.