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Tyshawn Jones is Skater of the Year 2018

The 19-year-old athlete from Bronx was awarded by Thrasher Magazine

Tyshawn Jones is Skater of the Year 2018 The 19-year-old athlete from Bronx was awarded by Thrasher Magazine

In case skating didn’t work out, I was going to become a chef. But skating worked out. So now I’m hiring the chef. 

He wanted to become a chef, but Thyshawn Jones at 19 years old was elected Skater of The Year 2018 by Thrasher Magazine

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He's the shining star of the skateboarding world, who has already signed a deal with adidas and that has been part of the Supreme family since he was 14 years old, when he starred in the Cherry video, produced exactly by Supreme, wearing a T-shirt, a baseball cap and showing an incredible force on the skate. Tyshawn enjoyed the party and the award as a 19-year-old boy should do. His closest friends, his family and lots of beer. When he called on stage the people that more than anyone else matter in his life, he bursted into tears, tears that more than anything else express what it means for a Bronx kid to have made it. 

Helluva night. Congrats @enwhytj

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Blessed, this is the title of the latest Supreme video presented in various cinemas around the world (Paris, London and New York). If there's someone that can embody the concept of 'blessed', a person who's so lucky and grateful to be doing what he loves the most, that is Tyshawn Jones, who is one of the protagonists of the visual. 

“BLESSED” is now available on iTunes.

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William Strobeck, who directed both Cherry and Blessed, saw Jones growing up in front of him and said about him: 

Only way to describe him is Ali, Jordan, Tyson — if skateboarding can get the reach like boxing or basketball, he’d be the face for it. And his vibe is just a low key cool ass motherfucker. Oh and he loves money … the American dream.

Jones was at the elementary school when he first fell off the skateboard. It happened because of a videogame, Skate, "my brother and I stole it from our cousin." 
He was able to collect enough money to but the deck, and there you go.

He would cry constantly while trying to learn new tricks, he would fall but he would not give up.
In a very short time, Tyshawn became obsessed with the sport, and also, very, very good at it. Since he was 10 years old Tyshawn has known that he would focus only on skateboard and that's what he did. 

He has always loved to cook and his dream was to open a restaurant with his mother. The boy managed to do this too, TASTE SO GOOD (Make You Wanna Smack Your Mama), is the name of the restaurant you can find at 1752 Lafayette Ave, Bronx, NY. His childhood house is right around the corner, just like his old school: 

Over here, it’s just fast food, burgers, pizza — nasty food. They don’t care, they just want the money. It’s nothing that I would eat. I wanna give people fresh food, food that they don’t have.